The happiest breastfeeding stories of 2014

Aug 17, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. ET

When breastfeeding moms are in the headlines, it's usually because someone acted like an idiot and infringed on a woman's right to nurse in peace. But enough of that today. Let's celebrate breastfeeding stories with a happy ending.

Starubkcs customer Julia Wykes |

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The most popular article I've ever written was a happy breastfeeding story that started out as harassment and ended up awesome. In June, a mom was nursing her baby in her local Starbucks when another customer went to the counter and loudly complained about her. In response, the young male barista went over to the mom, offered her a free refill and gave her a voucher for a free drink next time she stopped in. He also told her that he was sorry she had to deal with the unpleasant customer. Bravo, barista!

Dad's breastfeeding |
Photo credit: Project: BreastFeeding by Hector Cruz

An adorable set of dads showed their support of their breastfeeding partners in a photo series titled, Project: BreastFeeeding. In March, we tracked down the photographer behind the project, who shed a little background and talked about how he hoped to help spread awareness for moms who need support in the home as well as when they're out and about. There is nothing cuter than a man cradling his child, and these dads certainly look adorable "breastfeeding" their children.

Technology improves by leaps and bounds each year, and it helps modern moms in ways their own moms never dreamed of. Google Glass, a wearable internet access device, even has the capability of providing real-time lactation support. While this idea started as a small initiative with five Australian moms, project leaders hope to roll it out to the rest of the country. It's exciting to see how technology can bring breastfeeding help to moms who may not have easy access to it.

Homeless mother |

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And sometimes even the crummy stories have a happy ending. Karen Penley's comments actually served to make changes at a homeless shelter after she expressed her unhappiness when she was told to cover while nursing her child — or she'd have to leave. I love that Penley had the courage to stand up for her rights, and that her bravery paved the way for other moms trying to get through tough situations.

Monica Beyer |

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Even though I've breastfed all of my kids, and done so plenty of times in public, I have never personally experienced breastfeeding harassment or discrimination. In fact, I've actually had positive experiences, such as the time when I was 21 and nursing my first baby. A woman who was sitting nearby said how happy she was to see such a young mom nursing, and that simple sentence of support made my day.

Isn't it great to read a nice, positive breastfeeding story? Do you have one of your own to share?

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