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Are you ready for another baby? Ask yourself these questions

How many times have you been faced with a tough decision and you had no idea which way to go?

t How many times have you been faced with a tough decision and you had no idea which way to go? When you finally did make the big decision, was it as life-altering as you thought? Most big decisions that loom before you may appear overwhelmingly grand and seemingly impossible to sort out. The fear surrounding the mere prospect of change is probably the biggest obstacle in the decision-making process. Having a clear-cut method of problem solving, breaking the tasks down into steps and getting a second opinion from a loved one may help relieve your nerves, reduce your fears and help you make those big life decisions.

t Here’s a big one many of you might be considering:

I think I want to have another baby.

t First, take some deep breaths.

t Then, ask yourself some questions.

t Questions to ask yourself when considering whether or not to expand your family.


  1. How do I want to space my children?
  2. t

  3. How many children do my partner and I want to have in total?
  4. t

  5. Are we financially prepared?
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  7. Do we have enough space?
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  9. Am I mentally and emotionally ready to go through another pregnancy?
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  11. Am I in good health?

Next, create a pro and con list for having another child. Review it several times. The more you review it, the more points you’ll come up with to add onto your list.

t If you are in a relationship, make sure you’re working together with your partner to make this decision.

t If the pros outweigh the cons, then you have your answer. Let the baby-making begin!

t If it’s too close to call, then you may need some more time to think it over.

t And if the list is mostly cons, then you need to ask yourself what you’re really in need of, because it’s probably not another baby.

t Whatever the major life decision, remember you can make the right choice for you and enjoy your “new normal.”

t If you are experiencing great difficulty making decisions to the point that it is affecting your relationships and daily functioning, you may be struggling with depression or anxiety. Speak with a mental health professional to better understand and reduce your symptoms.

t If you have decided to have another baby and you are in the NJ area, visit our website for great pregnancy resources:

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