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Dita Von Teese proves maternity bras can be stone cold sexy

I can remember when our only choices were boring white utilitarian nursing bras that you never wanted to show off.

VaVaVoom. These new maternity and breastfeeding bras from Destination Maternity designed by Dita Von Teese may make you want to rethink your postpartum birth control choices, because these babies are hot. As in smoking hot. As in they are bound to cause some pearl clutching at the local mall if you sit down on a bench with your newborn and attempt to breastfeed in public.

Dita Von Teese maternity bars |

Photo credit: Albert Sanchez

The best part of the collection? There are high-waisted maternity panties

The capsule collection contains seven pieces and prices range from $30 to $49. Having panties with a built-in foundation panel is awesome, because if you are anything like me, not only are you not mad about your postpartum belly area (which, you know, I am all about that — I won’t be wearing midriff tops but I see nothing wrong with having a soft belly, especially after it was home to a gestating human) but you may like the added support of having a bit of spandex to hold you in place a bit.

Yes, new moms deserve to feel sexy too

Dita Von Teese maternity bars |

Photo credit: Albert Sanchez

In a press release from Destination Maternity quoted by, Von Teese makes some awesome points about motherhood and the types of things moms enjoy wearing:

“I believe that lingerie can and should be glamorous and functional. Elegant underpinnings are a simple way to create everyday moments of luxury and beauty, and why wouldn’t a new mother enjoy beautiful lingerie, too?”

Word and word. Just because we have had babies doesn’t mean that we all want to flounce around in boring cotton underpinnings. Is it such a radical idea that new moms want to remember that they are also women who deserve to look hot that no one has come up with such sexy skivvies before? The entire collection is available online at Destination Maternity.

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