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Barbie-crazed mom spray tans her toddler daughters

What’s tiny, innocent and spray-tanned all over? That would be Sophie-May Dixon’s two young daughters, Princess Bliss, 4, and Precious Bell, 2.

Dixon regularly “pampers” her daughters (yes, those are their real names) with extravagant makeovers that include pedicures, hair extensions, pierced earrings, fake nails and, of course, spray tans.

Um, no. No, no, no.

This is pampering gone too far

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Now I will admit as much as the next mother that I love a good girly pampering day. In fact, for my latest birthday, I took my 4- and 6-year-old daughters with me to get our nails done — and they loved it. My oldest regularly begs for pierced ears and they have more dress-up clothes than I have regular clothes, so I get the urge to sometimes let little girls have fun with princess play. But fake hair and nails and designer, crystal-studded gowns and shoes? This is just taking things to the extreme.

It’s not necessarily about the money, although one can’t help but wonder how this unemployed, single mother affords beauty treatments for her kids that I can’t afford on a regular basis. I’m frightened of the message that she’s drilling into her girls’ heads alongside of those hair extensions — the message that they will never be good enough.

Real-life Barbie dolls?

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I’d like to say to each her own, but I just can’t. Because health risks of all these “beauty treatments” aside, this mother is teaching her girls that their appearance is what matters most in the world — and that their natural beauty needs enhancement.

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“They are like Barbie babies,” says Dixon, “If Barbie was real, they would be her children.”

Sadly, that’s exactly what she is achieving. Unrealistic beauty expectations that no woman — let alone toddlers — could ever keep up with.

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