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Cruise line denies boy with cancer his much-anticipated family vacation

A family is pleading with Norwegian Cruise Line to reschedule a cruise they booked before their child was diagnosed with cancer. The cruise line won’t budge.

Tara Lynn Colucci’s 5-year-old son Nicolas was diagnosed with cancer just two weeks before the family was scheduled to take a cruise. The trip — on a ship featuring Nicolas’ favorite characters — had been in the works for a year. When Colucci reached out to Norwegian Cruise Lines to reschedule, she was told that because the family hadn’t purchased traveler’s insurance, no accommodations could be made. The family wasn’t permitted to reschedule the trip they’d paid over $4,000 for.

Can’t corporations show compassion?

Now I get it, if you let one kid with cancer bend the rules, pretty soon they’ll all be trying to circumvent major cruise line policies. Because as we all know kids with cancer try to game the system. But seriously, it seems like the cruise line could bend for a circumstance like this. It’s not like the family flippantly changed dates. They’re dealing with childhood cancer — a parent’s worst nightmare. Isn’t this a time for compassion?

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Nicolas has continued looking forward to the trip on the “big boat” while being treated for cancer. Since his diagnosis, doctors have removed over half of Nicolas’ liver, his gallbladder, part of his diaphragm and many lymph nodes. He’s now undergoing chemotherapy.

The family isn’t asking for a refund but a change in dates so that they can travel with Nicolas in the future. The idea of having a big family vacation on the horizon gives him something to look forward to. Supporters of the Colucci family have taken to Facebook to spread the word and ask Norwegian Cruise Line to accommodate Nicolas’ wish. At this time, the family-friendly cruise line has not made a public statement about the family’s request.

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