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Baby names from Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time brings fairy-tale romance and adventure into the modern day. Join us as we preview season four and evaluate our favorite characters — including the new ones inspired by Disney’s Frozen — for baby name potential.

If you aren’t already watching Once Upon a Time, might we recommend it for your next TV binge? Emma Swan, bail bondswoman, gets more than she bargains for when she makes a simple wish not to be alone for her birthday. She finds herself drawn to Storybrooke, Maine, a simple town with a big secret: All its inhabitants are trapped fairytale characters, and they don’t remember who they are. Emma is their only hope.

It’s cheesy, to be sure, but we love it. And the names are top notch.

If you’ve always loved fairy tales but felt the names were too whimsical for your offspring, Once Upon a Time gives you the perfect opportunity. Most of the characters from the magical world appear in Storybrooke with perfectly ordinary monikers. You can name your baby after a favorite fairytale hero and no one in our world will be any the wiser. We’ve picked out the best magical baby names for girls and boys below. Did your favorite character make the cut?

Enchanting Once Upon a Time names for girls

Have you ever noticed the trope of giving strong female characters either unisex or male names? Sam, Charlie and Alex are a dime a dozen where female heroes are concerned. Yawn. Thankfully, Once Upon a Time embraces femininity as toughness and names its characters accordingly. Damsels in distress need not apply: The ladies of Storybrooke, and their beautifully girly names, get it done.

Anita: a werewolf
Anna: princess of Arendelle
Ariel: a mermaid
Ashley: Cinderella
Astrid: Nova the fairy
Aurora: Sleeping Beauty
Ava: Gretel
Cora: Queen of Hearts
Dorothy: of Oz
Elsa: Queen of Arendelle
Emma: the Savior
Eva: queen and mother of Snow White
Johanna: maid to Queen Eva
Kathryn: Princess Abigail
Lacey: Belle
Marian: love of Robin Hood
Mary Margaret: Snow White
Milah: wife of Rumpelstiltskin
Paige: Grace
Regina: Evil Queen
Ruby: Red Riding Hood
Ruth: mother to the princes
Ursula: sea witch
Wendy: eldest Darling child
Zelena: Wicked Witch of the West

Charming Once Upon a Time names for boys

The ladies are strong, but that doesn’t mean their princes must be weak. Where this show gets it right is in allowing the men and women ample opportunities to rescue one another. Give your boy a heroic name with any of these dashing choices.

Abraham: a giant
Albert: King George
Anton: a giant
Archie: Jiminy Cricket
Arlo: a giant
August Wayne: Pinocchio
David Nolan: Prince Charming
Devin: a Lost Boy
Felix: a Lost Boy
Graham: the huntsman
Henry: Emma’s son
Jefferson: Mad Hatter
Keith: Sheriff of Nottingham
Killian: Captain Hook
Liam: a captain, brother to Killian
Leopold: a king, father to Snow White
Kristoff: friend to Anna of Arendelle
Malcolm: Peter Pan
Marco: Geppetto
Michael: the woodcutter
Moe: Sir Maurice
Neal Cassidy: Baelfire
Nicholas: Hansel
Owen Flynn: Greg Mendell
Phillip: a prince, love of Aurora
Quinn: a werewolf
Robin: of Sherwood Forest
Roland: son of Robin Hood
Sean: Prince Thomas
Sidney: Genie and the Magic Mirror
Tom Clark: Sneezy the dwarf
Walsh: Wizard of Oz
Walter: Sleepy the dwarf
Will: Knave of Hearts
Xavier: king from Rumpelstiltskin

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