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The most epic messes made by children

If there is one indisputable truth about babies, toddlers and kids, it’s that they are messy. Some are a lot messier than others, and there’s a good chance you’re going to feel a whole lot better about the messes your kids make after watching these.

Flour mess
All this mom can say as she videos the disaster her small children have created with a bag of flour is, “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh.” Do you ever wonder how long it takes kids to make a mess like this? Unless these tots are professional mess makers, this mess looks like the work of at least 30 minutes — if not longer.

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Baby powder
If babies can’t find flour, baby powder makes a suitable substitute. This little guy didn’t realize that baby powder is meant to be put on babies, not for babies to spread all over the house.

Toddlers and puppies
Toddlers and puppies go together like peanut butter and jelly, but dog food and toddlers are a different story. This happy little pet owner seems to think that dog food is to feed the pooch and for his amusement.

Eggs and worms don’t mix

This mother found out the hard way that little kids, crates of eggs and containers of worms don’t mix. A worm in the refrigerator? We think we’d have to move to a new house if our kids made a mess like this.

Blame game
Abigail makes a huge mess with the lotion — but that’s not the best part. In typical toddler fashion, she throws her sister and her pets under the bus and tries to get her mother to believe someone else made the mess.

Fun with popcorn
Ugh. These little ones decide to play movie theater concession stand in the kitchen while Mom watches on. This is what eight pounds of popcorn looks like in various stages of being popped, in case you ever wondered.

In this “kids making messes” video, these darlings decide they want to update the paint in the bathroom. The result resembles the set of a horror movie, so maybe these two tots will enjoy a career in set design when they grow up.

Messy stuff
What else are you supposed to do when you’re a toddler and your dog tears your stuffed animal open? Are you not supposed to take the stuffing out and distribute it to every corner of the room?

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