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The college care package your freshman really wants

Help ease the transition from home to college for your freshmen co-ed with a care package filled with stuff she’ll actually want. Of course, a few bags of microwave popcorn and some ramen would be a welcome addition to anything on this list.

1. A stylish tote bag

vintage camera tote bag

Gone are the days of carrying backpacks. Instead your co-ed is going to want something a bit more personal to carry their notes. This vintage camera tote bag is sure to click with them. (Society 6, $22) 

2. A bluetooth speaker

 A bluetooth speaker

Since no one actually takes a stereo to college anymore (unless you’re like Beca from Pitch Perfect), a Bluetooth speaker is essential for all those late-night dorm dance parties. (Jawbone, $130)

3. Bright bean bag

Bright bean bag

Make sure your child’s dorm room is the one everyone wants to hang out in. A few fun floor pillows or bean bags will go a long way toward making that happen. (Pier 1 Imports, $40) 

4. Slim-fitting jeans

Slim-fitting jeans

There’s a chance that the laundry room is still the one unexplored area of your child’s dorm. An extra pair of jeans will always come in handy, especially if they’re super comfy and stylish like the Levi’s 513 Slim Straight Jeans. While you’re at it, add in a bottle of fabric freshener as well. (Kohl’s, $64–$68) 

5. The coolest memo board

The coolest memo board

Notes on the dorm room door are a time-honored college tradition. This multi-piece board will ensure that your kid and her roommate will get their messages. (The Container Store, $28) 

6. Insulated water bottle

 Insulated water bottle

It’s almost a rule that everyone has to carry a water bottle on campus at all times. This one is insulated, meaning it won’t drip all over your kid’s notes or the cute girl sitting next to him. (REI, $20) 

7. Roommate-friendly door hook

Roommate-friendly door hook

Make sure towels, scarves and handbags stay organized on the back of the dorm door. Just don’t forget who’s using “yours” and who’s using “mine.” (, $20)

8. A bright shower caddy

A bright shower caddy

The essential feature of any shower caddy? Good drainage. The second most important aspect? That it looks cool. This caddy fulfills both requirements. (The Container Store, $10)

9. A hard-to-forget key ring

A hard-to-forget key ring

This bright leather key chain just might lessen the chances that your child will leave without his keys and spend the afternoon locked out. (Amazon, $11) 

10. Smartphone charging case

Smartphone charging case

We’re going to bet that your student is always on his smartphone, which means he probably needs to charge it frequently. You’ll sleep better knowing that he is less likely to be in a situation without his phone with this simple charging case. (Back Country, $100) 

This post is sponsored by Levi’s.

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