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Back to school wish list for your high-schooler

Help make this year your child’s best year at high school yet. These 10 things are sure to be top of their back-to-school wish lists. Surprise them by beating them to the punch with a new school year present (or two).

1. The cool headphones

Cool headphones |

Especially if your teen is taking the bus, he’ll need a pair of good headphones. And even better if they have Dre’s name on them. They’ll also come in handy for all those library “study sessions.” (Beats by Dre, $170)

2. A stylish backpack

Stylish backpack |

If backpacks are required, at least your child can carry one that will stand out from the crowd. No matter his or her favorite color, there’s one of these packs to match. (Herschel Supply, $55) 

3. Enviable pens

porcupine pens

Taking notes is the new way to make a statement. These soft and rubbery porcupine pens will add some color to that long afternoon history class. (, $13 per dozen) 

4. Out of the ordinary notebook

Out of the ordinary notebook

For the few classes that still require a paper and pen, these notebooks will make your student the envy of her classmates. (Office Depot, $3) 

5. A laptop sleeve

laptop sleeve

For toting that clunky school-issued laptop around, you’ll want to make sure your kid has a case he will actually want to be seen using. (Best Buy, $30) 

6. Slim-fitting jeans

Slim fitting jeans |

Unless they have to wear a uniform, we’re going to guess that your teens live in their jeans. Make sure they have a pair that’s durable, but still stylish, like the Levi’s 511 Slim Jeans. (Kohl’s, $43-$118) 

7. Extra smartphone battery

Extra smartphone battery |

Who knows how that cell phone battery runs down so quickly, since they’ve assured you they weren’t texting in class. Regardless, a backup battery is always a good thing to have in the bottom of the backpack. (, $30) 

8. A filtering water bottle

filtering water bottle

Staying hydrated before after-school team practices is crucial; make it easier on your teens with this water bottle that filters as they drink. (, $19) 

9. A non-embarassing lunch tote

A non-embarassing lunch tote |

If your kid still brown bags it, she’ll want a something a bit nicer than a brown bag, but nothing too juvenile looking. This black-and-white tote really takes the cake. (The Container Store, $25) 

10. Colorful sticky notes

Colorful sticky notes |

Surely keeping things color coded helps with studying, right? Or maybe it makes it just the tiniest bit more fun. Either way, these sticky note flags are a must-have. (Bindertek, $7) 

This post is sponsored by Levi’s.

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