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For $1,750, you can outsource your kid’s potty training

I hate potty training as much as the next parent. But paying someone else to do the dirty work for me? Well, that’s just money down the toilet.

What if I told you that in a two-day time span, I could have your kid fully potty trained with absolutely no work on your part?

Sounds pretty great, right?

Well now what if I told you that it would only cost $1,750 to make all your potty-training dreams come true?

The potty-training pros

The company is called NYC Potty Training and they promise to give you, the paying parent, the ultimate potty-training experience. “We will potty train your child in 1 to 2 days, and you can sit and watch, be totally involved in the process, or just come home from work to your toilet-trained tot!” boasts their website.

Honestly, it’s a genius idea by founder Samantha Allen, because what parent, especially one who works outside of the home, looks forward to potty training? I myself have been dragging my pregnant feet on potty training my 2-year-old son, even despite the fact that in a few weeks, I’m looking at two kids in diapers.

The company’s logo says it all. “We train. You relax.” Sounds like every parent’s dream.

The porcelain throne

It’s funny in a way when you think about it, how much of a porcelain “throne” the dreaded potty training really is. Not only have we reached the point in our over-zealous modern parenting style that potty training is a monumental task, but we are actually willing to outsource the unpleasant task to someone else. For a lot of money. Nothing like sending the message to those kiddos about who’s really in control, right?

Pay to potty

But then, if you have the money to spare, why not outsource the unpleasantness of potty training?

The popularity of these potty-training programs is growing quickly and across the country, so you don’t have to be a parent in New York City to enjoy the services of paying someone else to potty train your children.

Despite the appeal, however, call me crazy or call me cheap, but I’ll be sticking to the old-fashioned version of potty training — the ol’ Pull-Ups, new undies and accidents on the floor routine —and hoping that I won’t let my children turn into little dictators (who demand $1,750 for the privilege of watching them poop).

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