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DIY back-to-school bulletin board

With a new school year comes getting back into an organized routine. Unleash your creativity on this fun DIY bulletin board project and keep all your ducks in a row this fall.


Back to school Bulletin board | - Supplies

  • Unframed corkboard
  • Spray adhesive
  • Enough fabric in a color of your choice to completely cover and wrap your corkboard
  • Ribbon, long enough to wrap around your board
  • Fabric glue
  • Hot glue
  • Thumbtacks
  • Clothespins
  • Wrapping paper that coordinates with your fabric
  • 1 piece white 8 1/2 x 11-inch card stock (or thin cardboard)
  • Wooden letter for monogram


Back to school Bulletin board | - measure fabric

  1. Thoroughly protect your entire work surface.
  2. Lay the fabric on your work surface and cut it 3 inches larger than the corkboard on all sides.
  3. Iron the fabric if necessary.
  4. Heat your glue gun.

Back to school Bulletin board | - place corkboard on fabric

  1. Lay the ironed fabric on your work surface with the wrong side up.*
  2. Mist with spray adhesive.
  3. Working quickly, lay the corkboard atop the fabric.

Back to school Bulletin board | - first fold

  1. Fold the corners into triangles and then fold them down over the back, as though you’re wrapping a present, misting with spray adhesive as you go.

Back to school Bulletin board | - second fold

  1. Flip the corkboard over.
  2. Cut the wrapping paper to measure 9 x 11 1/2 inches.
  3. Lay the wrapping paper on your work surface with the wrong side up.
  4. Mist the spray adhesive on the card stock and center it on the back side of the wrapping paper.
  5. Repeat the corner-folding process.
  6. Hot glue the monogram letter to the top of the bulletin board above the ribbon (I put mine off center, but you could put it wherever it suits you).
  7. Cut a length of ribbon that will reach across your corkboard horizontally.
  8. Create a horizontal straight line across your corkboard with a ruler and pencil, approximately 1 inch below the letter.
  9. Trace the line with the fabric glue.
  10. Lay the ribbon atop the glue and wrap it around the back, securing with more glue.

Back to school Bulletin board | - final close-up

  1. Lay the wrapped card stock on your work surface and line the 2 sides and bottom edge with a bead of hot glue.
  2. Flip it over then center and smooth it into place, creating a pocket.
  3. Use hot glue to attach clothespins to the ribbon border.
  4. Get creative with thumbtacks and clips, making the bulletin board meet your individual needs.

Back to school Bulletin board | - final product

* I moved to an outside work space for the steps with spray adhesive, as the mist leaves everything it comes into contact with sticky.

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