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The hottest new baby girl names of 2014

Each year, the Social Security Administration keeps track of the girl baby names that are increasing in popularity the fastest. This year, exotic names like Daleyza and Neriah as well as adorable names like Marjorie, Lennon and Everly are buzz-worthy names. Get inspired by checking out the hottest new baby girl names of 2014.

What are the hottest new girl baby names of the year? The Social Security Administration (SSA) keeps track of trends in baby names. This year, the most popular girl baby name is Sophia and the most popular boy baby name is Noah.

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If you are looking for a name that is more unique, however, then you may be more interested in the list of the names that have changed in popularity the fastest over the last year.

The hottest baby girl name of the year is…

Daleyza (pronounced dah-LAY-za) is the hottest new girl baby name of the year. In fact, this name rose an amazing 3,000 spots in one year and now ranks number 585 on the most popular baby name list.

Why the sudden popularity of this unusual name? The SSA attributes it to the popularity of the Spanish-language cable TV show Larrymania on mun2. The star of the show, Larry Hernandez, has a daughter named Daleyza. His wife, Kenia, is currently pregnant with another daughter and, according to, they are considering the names Dalary and Dayana for their second daughter, in case you like unique names that start with the letter D.

Last year, the girl names that were rising in popularity the fastest were Arya (due to the popularity of Game of Thrones) and Perla.

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Sweet, old-fashioned names

Old-fashioned names have also seen a resurgence, as sweet monikers like Marjorie (which jumped over 700 spots in one year), Henley, Mabel, Sloan and Rosie shoot up the charts. These girl names are always a good choice because they are often easy to spell and pronounce, yet they are still unique, whimsical and fun.

It also appears that celebrity moms with old-fashioned names are also popular, as the name Gwyneth (after Gwyneth Paltrow) and Gwen (after Gwen Stefani) are two more names increasing in popularity.

Boys’ names for girls: Gender-bending names

Unisex or gender-bending names are another trend spotted on the list, and celebrity moms are totally on board with this one. Jessica Simpson named her daughter Maxwell and Drew Barrymore just named her daughter Frankie.

The name Lennon jumped 700 spots this year, making this one of the hottest girl names of 2014. The popularity of Lennon is undoubtedly due to the cute musical duo Lennon & Maisy, who appear on the ABC show Nashville. Elliot and Tegan are two more traditional boys’ names on the list, as are Oakley, Carter and Hunter. We also spot the name Dallas on this list for girl names, which leads us to our next trend…

For the wanderlust mom: Destination baby names

From the adorable name India (which is also the name of several recent celebrity babies) to Ireland and Milan; today’s parents love destination names for their daughters. For the patriotic family, the name America jumped 127 spots this past year.

Girl names inspired by nature

It seems just as many parents let Mother Earth inspire their baby name choice, as floral baby and nature names shoot up the chart. Some noticeable names that would make the perfect girl name include Saige, Azalea, Juniper and Magnolia.

Get creative! Unique spellings

Lastly, unique spellings were another hot trend this year. Parents were switching up the spelling to make the name their own, such as Jurnee (instead of Journey), Hadlee (instead of Hadley), Wynter (instead of Winter), Emilie (instead of Emily) and Saylor (instead of Sailor). In fact, some names had several different spellings on the list, such as Everleigh and Everly.

Without further ado, here is the list of the hottest new girl baby names of 2014.

Top 50 girl names rising in popularity the fastest

According to the Social Security Administration, this is the list (in order) of the top 50 girl names rising in popularity the fastest.

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