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24 Things you have in your purse if you’re a mom

When you’re a mom, you’re kind of a superhero. Hungry? Mom has the perfect snack on hand. Bleeding? On it with a bandage. How do you know what you need in your tool kit?

Katie Sluiter's purse |

Katie Sluiter: “My purse is a hot mess. I have my glasses, a diaper, candy wrappers, pads, a very very old appointment card for a hair appointment, a book, mints, change, a weird metal piece that came off of a poster frame at school, my school keys and my planner or Chromebook. Last week I pulled an old, empty juice box out.”

Coreen Kremer's purse |

Coreen Kremer: “I’ve recently purged the Barbie shoes, a deck of playing cards and broken crayons. Must-haves include my phone, iPad, Kindle, Kleenex, hand lotion, wallet, glasses, lipstick, the angel guardian pin my mom gave me, makeup bag, mints, gum, work phone, checkbooks, a Tiffany’s pen my mom gave me and some type of snack bar, because someone is inevitably hungry.”

Kim Thompson Steel's purse |

Kim Thompson Steel: “I carry a bag as seldom as possible, walking out the door wearing something with pockets in which I stuff my phone, lip balm and wallet-that-is-not-a-wallet. But when I do carry a bag, it is well-stuffed with at least three cameras and a lens. Or two.”

Leigh Ann Torres's purse |

Leigh Ann Torres: “At any given time in my purse you’ll find my wallet, my checkbook, lipstick, powder, and my phone (if you can pry it from my hand). I also always have emergency crayons for unexpected waits and small, random toys that I’m ‘holding’ for my kids. Today it’s Tinkerbell and a tiny squirrel. Once I found a fossilized banana. It’s like a grab bag of randomness.”

Jenny Feldon's purse |

Jenny Feldon: “Now that my kids are a little older, we’ve traded diapers and wipes for ‘big kid’ stuff like crayons and Crazy Eights. Along with my everyday essentials (lip gloss, sunglasses for all of us, sunblock), I try to keep a book with me in case I can grab a minute or two to read. I always have my Moleskine notebook… it’s got my whole life inside. Everything from grocery lists and games of hangman and tic-tac-toe to quotes I love and bits of dialogue for my novel-in-progress.”

Angela Amman's purse |

Angela Amman: My Erin Condren planner lives in there, a water bottle, small makeup bag, wallet, two books, a pair of ballet shoes, a lovey, my phone, two pretend phones, Altoids, Spider-Man, a leak-proof bag of snacks, ponytail holders and enough writing utensils for an army of harried writers. One thing I never leave home without is my daughter’s EpiPen and Benadryl — a somber reminder that the rest of it is simply stuff.”

Nichole Beaudry's purse |

Nichole Beaudry: “I think we can all agree, from just one quick glance at the contents of my purse, that I have a lip product obsession. From my MAC Lipglasses to my beloved, now discontinued Aveeno lip balm, I’m guilty of hoarding them all. Maybe I need to adopt a one-in, one-out policy because they just accumulate until my bag is bursting.”

Tonya Wertman's purse |

Tonya Wertman: My purse is a reflection of my life now as mom of a 5-year-old and a 5-month-old. There’s a bottle, diaper, Sophie teething toy, Boogie Wipes, a karate belt, a Clif Zbar for kids, a Ziploc bag full of crayons and I’m sure more than one stray LEGO. For me, there’s a notebook for ideas I don’t have quite as often as I used to, hand sanitizer, a wallet with a little cash and something I never leave home without — Chapstick.”

Katie Kavulla's purse |

Katie Kavulla: “I’m using a more casual bag for summer, stuffed with clean underwear for post-swim lesson adventures. I also keep baby wipes, a lip gloss, a lipstick I never have the guts to wear, my favorite red and blue pens and a purple marker for to-do lists, some child’s socks, a charger I’ve been searching for and snacks — so many snacks.”

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