Amazing birth photos capture gay dads meeting their son

Grab the tissues. These photos of two dads meeting their son for the first time will melt your heart. It’s a beautiful reminder that modern families share one thing in common — love.

On June 27, during WorldPride 2014, a surrogate delivered Frank and BJ’s son, Milo. Birth photographer Lindsay Foster captured the amazing moment when the two proud fathers held their beautiful newborn boy for the first time.

Waiting for Milo

Frank and BJ are high school teachers from Toronto. They both wanted to have children. When the time was right, they attended a parenting class through their local LGBT community center and learned about surrogacy. After researching their options and choosing an egg donor, they met a surrogate named Kathy. “We went to Kingston for a meet and greet with her and her family and it felt right,” says 34-year-old BJ.

After a failed embryo transfer in the fall of 2013, the next transfer succeeded. Frank and BJ drove to Kathy’s hometown to be with her during the ultrasound that confirmed her pregnancy. They spoke to Kathy daily and drove through a snowstorm for the ultrasound that determined that Kathy was pregnant with a boy. Life went on for Frank and BJ as they waited. “We would walk by our nursery in the house and stare at the crib, imagining our little guy laying there,” says BJ.

Milo’s birth

Milo and fathers |

Photo credit: Lindsay Foster Photography

Kathy’s due date of June 17 came and went. Though Frank and BJ were anxious for their son’s arrival, they knew that Kathy’s previous two children had been more than a week late. At 10 a.m. on June 27, Kathy’s midwife broke her water. By the afternoon, her contractions picked up. “Frank and I were amazed at the strength that Kathy had,” says BJ. “It is incredible that she endured so much pain and kept composure and was very brave throughout this whole process!” Frank, BJ and Kathy’s husband surrounded her, rubbing her back and soothing her through her contractions.

Overwhelmed with love

Milo and fathers |

Photo credit: Lindsay Foster Photography

As the baby crowned, the midwife announced, “Shirts off.” She placed the baby on Frank’s chest and BJ wrapped his arms around both of them. Overwhelmed with love, both dads began to cry. “It was an incredible, surreal moment that we will never forget,” says BJ. “Kathy is a brave, strong, selfless, giving, stoic woman and we will forever be indebted to her for giving us the greatest gift ever, our little Milo.”

Milo recently had his first doctor’s appointment. The 9-pound 7-ounce baby boy is doing great. “We are in love with him so much it hurts,” says BJ. “Milo is our little pride baby, and there was no other way we would celebrate Pride this year [than] by spending it with Kathy, her family, Frank and little Milo.”

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