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Sometimes icky can be sweet

I noticed a trail of powder from the living room into the kitchen. Powder… and little footprints.

t When Sofia was 2 years old, she gave me my first Mother’s Day gift. It was a sweet little handprint with her name, year and age on it that I still adore. Each year, she tries to outdo the last and makes me something special. Her inspiration usually derives from movies and TV, so I’ve had a mix of Dora- and Disney-princess-inspired gifts over the years. I definitely win cool points at the park when I wear my Mother’s Day gifts. Let me tell you, you don’t know what a great Mother’s Day gift is until another 2-year-old tries to steal it from you.


t One year, when Sofia was 4, she decided that she would make me breakfast in bed. I’m not sure she even knew what that meant, but when she proclaimed to me weeks prior that she was planning that as her gift, I didn’t think much of it since I was sure she would forget.

t Mother’s Day started as it usually did for me, sleeping in a little, relaxed and happy. I heard some rustling in the kitchen, but assumed it was our cats, so I just headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I headed to the kitchen to start the coffee when I noticed a trail of powder from the living room into the kitchen. Powder… and little footprints. I followed the little prints to the kitchen, and there, in the middle of our newly steam-cleaned kitchen floor was my 4-year-old daughter, covered in powder, holding a small cereal bowl full of flour, powdered sugar and water as she stirred it with one of her Minnie Mouse spoons, while one of our cats licked the sugary floor.

t It looked like a bakery exploded on my kitchen floor and just as I was about to panic out loud about the mess, Sofia saw me and gave me a huge smile.

t “Happy Mommy Day! I made you pancakes in bed mommy cause I love you!”

t And that’s when my heart melted. Suddenly, that icky mess wasn’t so messy and my daughter’s sweet smile was all that mattered. That moment I decided to roll with it. It was time for me to stop worrying about the mess, enjoy the moment, and let Clorox take care of the mess. Because messy is part of a life well-lived.


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