Teaching children the importance of respect

May 29, 2014 at 4:56 a.m. ET

Our children must understand how to be respectful of others and be aware of how to stay protected.

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As parents, it is essential to educate our children on what is appropriate and what is not. Our children must understand how to be respectful of others and be aware of how to stay protected. Every day various events take place which could potentially be avoided if we teach our children right from wrong.

Instructing our sons on how to be respectful of others and the importance of having consensual relationships could prevent unrighteous occurrences in society. Equally important is educating our daughters on how to be aware of their surroundings. Implementing these lessons in our homes could have an impact on how events unfold. Below are some ways you could begin the process of raising a respectful son and/or a mindful daughter.

10 Tips for teaching your son respect

  1. Raise your son to treat others the way he treats you. If your son doesn’t treat you with respect, chances are he will not learn to treat others with respect.
  2. Help your son develop sensitivity to the needs and feelings of others.
  3. Children model the behavior of the adults in their lives. When your son sees your partner treat you with a lack of admiration, he will learn to do the same.
  4. Give lessons on respectful behavior. Demonstrate respectful ways to approach and respond to others, and let them practice.
  5. It is important to show by example. Be conscious of how you treat others and try not to be critical.
  6. Teach your son that people must ask permission before touching or embracing others.
  7. Create guidelines for actions and expectations for how others are treated.
  8. Avoid lectures, shaming and blaming, as these tactics incite disrespectful responses.
  9. Identify and role-play examples of how people can behave respectfully in particular circumstances.
  10. When picking out books or movies or engaging in social media, expose your son to pop culture that features confident and empowered individuals.

10 Tips for raising a mindful daughter… who is aware of how she should be treated by others

  1. Make sure to educate your daughter on appropriate behavior. Help her understand that a friend hugging her is different than someone she doesn’t know attempting to do the same.
  2. Teaching your daughter about safety is a key component to helping her feel confident.
  3. Talking about various events that occur in society, in a sensitive way, could assist your daughter in understanding how to protect herself.
  4. Review examples of what is safe and unsafe while going out with friends or playing in the park.
  5. Engage in role-play with your daughter to ensure she understands what is fitting in different scenarios and what is not.
  6. Advise her of the dos and don’ts while out with friends.
  7. Don’t be afraid to implement rules in your home, such as a curfew, a group of people she can socialize with, specific events she can attend, to name a few.
  8. Be honest and talk openly with your daughter.
  9. Share some of your own personal life experiences.
  10. Make sure that she has a way of getting in touch with you at all times and let her know this.
Empower and educate your children because every little bit counts.

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