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Messy kids and the ick of breakfast

I have learned over the years that there is not much that Clorox products cannot clean.

t My children are spoiled. Especially when it comes to feeding them. As a united picky eater pack, I have to get creative and let them have some leeway when it comes to getting them to eat. Unfortunately, allowing them to get creative when they eat can also makes for some very sticky ick messes that I am stuck cleaning up.


t Breakfast is the biggest culprit. On school days, especially, the kids have inherited my “Oh, lunch is not too far away, I can eat then” mentality. To try to convince them that it is important to eat every morning no matter what, I let them slather waffles in syrup, butter pancakes on their own and even pour their own drinks.

t It all backfires with sticky, icky messes on everything from the table to the floor. We moms know there are a lot of products on the market that claim to clean up things like stuck-on syrup. But there is nothing more annoying than thinking something is clean and then finding out that the stickiness is still there later on.


t I have learned over the years that there is not much that Clorox products cannot clean. Dried pancake batter on the counters, sticky syrup on the wooden island, sticky finger renderings on toilet seats and drips of food on clothing are no match. Clorox has something for every mess in your house and you can be sure it will work the first time.

t I use the Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner and Bleach on tough, icky leavings on my countertops and island. I use Clorox Bleach on kid-stained white clothing. The Clorox Disinfecting Wipes are my constant go-to from the floor to the toilet seat.


t As my kids grow and learn to get more of their own yogurts, crackers, Popsicles and more, I find messes in more and more places. The other day I found melted ice cream, the ooze from the melting treat dripping down onto the bar stool below. Clearly it had been there for a while as it was already starting to gel.


t I grabbed my Clorox Clean-Up spray and eliminated the ick, the stick and the memory of the abandoned ice cream in a matter of seconds. That is how products should work in your home. They should make erasing an issue fast and easy.


t How do you handle the ick in your home? What is the biggest food mess your kids make? Check out Clorox for their full line of products.

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