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Summertime fun and ick go hand-in-hand

Cleaning up after summertime fun can be a chore. But with the right products, you can restore your home to the pre-kid mess with ease.

t We have all been waiting so long for it to be warm, it seems. But with summertime fun comes the constant mess of kids playing outdoors and getting into things. Like dirt. And mud. And anything else that looks interesting.


t My children love to play in water any time, any day and in any way all summer long. It is great, and I love it for them. The water slide, sprinklers and the pool are on the must-do list every single day.

t Unfortunately, so is the mess that comes along with it. The mess that is more than the pools of water on the floor and the balled-up wet swimsuits crammed into the corner of their room.

t Our main mess is dirt. After water play, it is mud. My kids will dig in the mud that is created from the water and build mud castles and anything else they can think of. They also treat it as decorative enhancements for my house. You know, the muddy handprint effect.


t Luckily, armed with a variety of dependable products from Clorox, I can follow their trail of muddy evidence and restore my house to the semi-messy state that we live in perpetually.

t My favorite way to clean the mud from light plates, walls and more are the Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. I always have these sitting somewhere in my house and have debated actually mounting a container to every wall in every room in this house. They are fantastic for cleaning messes off walls, outlets, doorknobs and more. Even those trailing mud decorations along the textured hallway walls are no match for the wipes.


t For the bathroom counters that inevitably show signs of mud splatter after the kids wash their hands, I use my Clorox Clean-Up with Bleach spray bottle (now with Smart Tube Technology). I can rest assured that, at least for a few minutes, my kids’ bathroom is clean and disinfected for their next mess.


t Kids are messy creatures. But having the right products on hand to clean up after them, even if it means following them around all day to catch the messes, can help keep us sane and our house clean(er) for them.

t How do you handle the messes that your kids create in your home? I would love any tips.


tTo handle the ick in your life, check out the great line of products from Clorox.

t While all of the content on reflects the honest opinions of our Experts, Clorox did sponsor this post.

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