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Mott’s Strawberry Boom makes play dates more delicious

As a mom, it’s important to me that I’m giving my kids drinks that taste good and are healthy too.


t My kids play hard. They love to invite friends over every week to compete and play a variety of games. Whether they’re playing the Wii or making homemade t-shirts, they get a kick out of the camaraderie among friends.

t But their thirst for playing fun games like Jenga, which keeps them on their edge of their seats, doesn’t outweigh their real thirst to gulp down a cool drink.

t I don’t approve of sugary drinks. I definitely don’t play games when it comes to giving my kids any kind of juice. I’ve found that Mott’s new juice drinks are delicious, and my kids go gaga over the new bold fruit flavors.


t There’s the new:


  • Fruit Punch Rush
  • t

  • Wild Grape Surge
  • t

  • Strawberry Boom… my kids’ all-time favorite!

t You can enjoy the 64-ounce bottle at home, and pick up the conveniently packaged 8-ounce juice for on the go.

t The smaller sizes go great everyday with after-school snacks. And when I’m on the go like I usually am, the juices can pop right into my pocketbook. When my kids start the I’m thirsty whine when we’re out and about, I have some Mott’s juice drinks on hand to quench their thirst and calm them.

t I can appreciate the fact that the juice drinks are really wonderfully fruity! That’s amazing, considering that Mott’s juices have 40 percent less sugar than fruit juices and no artificial sweeteners. Most parents believe that they can’t offer their children a juice drink that’s healthy yet tastes delish. Well, I can attest that Mott’s Fruit Punch Rush, Wild Grape Surge and Strawberry Boom are all juice drinks that a mom can feel good about giving to her children.

t The new Mott’s juice drinks boast 100 percent daily value of vitamin C per serving. As my kids get older and want more than ordinary apple juice, these Mott’s flavors truly meet the mark.

t You can find the Fruit Punch Rush, Wild Grape Surge and Strawberry Boom at your local supermarket. All flavors are available in 64-ounce multi-serve containers. In addition, Fruit Punch Rush and Wild Grape Surge are available in 8-ounce six-packs.


t While all of the content on reflects the honest opinions of our Experts, Mott’s did sponsor this post.

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