Are you having a baby? Get yourself a baby planner

Mar 26, 2014 at 6:22 p.m. ET

What’s better than being able to focus on nurturing your new baby while others help to nurture you?

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What is a baby planner?

A baby planner is a personal consultant to new and expectant parents. Our goal as baby planners is to help relieve the stress associated with preparing for baby’s arrival and adjusting to life once baby is born. Especially important is the help we provide to those expectant mommies on bed rest. Receiving help during the transition into parenthood can help new parents focus their attention on what’s important, enjoying pregnancy and bonding with baby. What’s better than being able to focus on nurturing your new baby while others help to nurture you?

How does it work?

As baby planners, we come to your home or other comfortable location for a free consultation during which we will assess what type of support and services we could provide to have you prepared for baby’s arrival.

Why can’t family and friends help?

Of course you can ask your family and friends for help. However, this is not possible for everyone, some live far away from their families, some others don’t have friends who are having babies and those friends may not be in the position of helping out. Also, family and friends are not always up-to-date on the best, safest products and services for babies. We have done all of the research on baby products and continue to look into the newest, safest products out there for families. We are also up-to-date on all of the product recalls and warnings. We have learned about green products and ingredients in products that we should stay away from to reduce the health risk to children. We have this information readily available and want to make it available to new parents in order to save them the hours of research and legwork.

How can a baby planner help me?

Baby planners can help in many ways, including helping clients create and manage their registries, researching baby products and providing reviews and product demonstrations, recommending baby products and preparing/organizing the nursery (down to laundering the babies’ layettes and putting it all away!). Our goal is to take care of what expectant parents need to prepare for baby and to allow them more time to focus on truly enjoying pregnancy rather than worrying about which baby products best fit their needs. We have the latest information on all the newest baby gear, and can show what works best to fit a client’s individual needs, lifestyle and budget. For those in search of additional baby-related services, such as sleep consultant, child-proofers, doula services, nanny services, nutritionists and fitness trainers; our company, Pitter Patter Baby Planners, LLC,also provides concierge assistance to find clients the most reliable services in the Tri-state area.

Baby planners have begun to change with the growing needs of families and many have additional expertise and backgrounds in education, infant/toddler development, breastfeeding counseling, childbirth education, psychology, green living and more. Their expertise allows them to offer more as baby planners and gives new parents the support they need to manage the exciting, but sometimes difficult transition into parenthood. First-time mothers may feel uncertain about their new maternal roles and responsibilities and can feel overwhelmed in the first weeks after bringing baby home. Having someone help plan for the arrival of baby may help reduce the stress experienced postpartum.

Go ahead, don't be afraid. Its okay to ask for help during this momentous event in your life. Call a baby planner today!