6 Ideas for a family walk

Mar 21, 2014 at 8:14 p.m. ET

Getting the family outside for a walk isn't always easy, but these ideas will help get them in gear for an outdoor adventure.

I love to go on walks as a family, and while my kids always enjoy themselves during our walks, getting them out the door isn’t always easy. Here are six simple ideas for walk “themes” that might inspire your family to get outside faster.

The color theme

The goal is to find something from every color. Some people use egg cartons and actually collect things of each color. You can also just walk around and point to things of each color.

The alphabet theme

This one is great for kids who are starting to show an interest in and recognition of letters. We like to find sticks that look like different letters. Similarly, hunting for shapes (circle, square, triangle) is fun for preschoolers.

The smell theme

This is ideal for summer when flowers are in bloom. Go around and take time to smell the roses. And the daisies and absolutely every bloom you can find. Decide on your favorites.

The sound theme

Are you seeing a pattern yet? This one focuses on another one of our senses. See how many different sounds you can hear on your walk. Count them. Birds, people in houses, traffic, the sound of your feet on the ground, etc. By focusing on one of your senses walking in the same exact place will be a completely new experience.

The touch theme

Just like the others, see how many different textures you can find on your walk. What is the smoothest thing? What is the roughest? Can you guess beforehand what you’ll find that will be the smoothest?

The treasure theme

This one is the current favorite in our house. We go on a walk in search of secret treasure. Coins, seed pods, zipper pulls and even bottle caps have been coveted treasure finds in the past.

Enjoy your walk!