Dog attack victim kicked out of KFC reportedly a hoax

The story of a disfigured child kicked out of a Mississippi Kentucky Fried Chicken just got more complicated. It appears a family member invented the whole story in a Facebook post. Did they have any idea how viral it would become?

According to a statement released by KFC, an internal investigation found no evidence of Victoria Wilcher visiting the popular fast food chain. Sources report that hours of tape were reviewed. No one matching the girl’s description visited either KFC in her area on the day her grandmother alleged that they were thrown out.

Why are we so quick to believe?

After Victoria’s story began trending, her donation page skyrocketed from around $500 to over $135,000. Those donations came primarily from strangers. Although these strangers heard about Victoria’s injuries and recovery because of a fabricated story, I hope they don’t regret helping her. Victoria will need multiple surgeries and therapies to recover from her horrific injuries.

I believe we fell for the story — despite undercurrents of doubt — because it’s impossible to look at this little girl’s injuries and not want to help her. I believe we fell for it because people are inherently good, and when we’re faced with tragedy, we do what we can to help.

Victoria may not have been kicked out of a KFC, but the time will come that she realizes some people look at her differently — and that story won’t go viral.

The incident may have been a hoax, but Victoria’s injuries are very real

Despite the circumstances of the hoax, Victoria Wilcher still has a long battle ahead of her. After being mauled by three of her grandfather’s pit bulls, she lost an eye and suffered serious injuries that caused permanent disfigurement. At just 3 years old, she has no way of understanding the storm her grandmother caused by posting the story on Facebook. Regardless of how this investigation shakes out, Victoria will continue to live with the tragic results of irresponsible pet ownership.

KFC is the good guy here

When Victoria’s story went viral, KFC pledged $30,000 toward her medical expenses. They’re not going to take that money back — despite the backlash caused by the hoax. Sources told the Laurel Leader-Call that employees received death threats, had drinks thrown at them and endured verbal abuse once the story went viral. These employees are working hard to support themselves and support their families. They didn’t deserve to suffer the results of mob mentality.

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