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Rough day? Here are dogs teaching babies to crawl

Crawling is hard work, so these family pets got in on the act and showed their little masters how it’s done.

Buddy's baby crawling school |

Photo credit: Valerie Stevens-Scott via YouTube

Dogs and babies together are sure to bring a smile to your face, but these sweet pups show that they know a thing or two about getting around and are willing to share that info. Watch as these pups help their families’ youngest members get the crawling thing down pat.

Buddy’s baby crawling school

This adorable video has hit YouTube big time with well over 2 million views in less than a week, and it’s no wonder — it’s short, sweet and super cute. It’s delightful to watch the baby try to pat her dog Buddy, and then she gets down to business trying to creep across the floor. After watching her for a moment, Buddy has apparently had enough because he sprawls down beside her to give a proper demonstration. Adorable.

French bulldog teaches baby to crawl

In another popular video, uploaded in 2009 and garnering over 7 million YouTube views, a gorgeous French bulldog named Sophie provides a crawling demonstration for baby Isabel, who seems to light up and get inspired by her furry friend’s crawling prowess. When the little girl doesn’t seem to get going, Sophie patiently provides more demonstrations. Warning — this video may melt your heart.

Two Siberian husky dogs have crawling race with Baby

The scene — a quiet hallway featuring a small determined baby, and two Siberian huskies behind him, awaiting his first move. As he begins to make his way down the floor, the race is on and soon the baby finds himself flanked by his fluffy pets. Who wins the race?

Dog teaches baby to crawl

Baby Samantha doesn’t seem to have the whole crawling thing down yet, but never fear, Buster the dog is here. He quickly demonstrates a proper crawl, then backs away for Samantha to take over. After another show on Buster’s part, she gets more motivated. She’s soon on her hands and knees trying to take off, just like her best friend Buster. Priceless.

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