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Here are 5 edgy ride-on toys for your daredevil in training

Kids’ ride-on toys have come a long way from the bikes and roller skates of our childhoods. These (slightly terrifying) toys are perfect for the little daredevils in your family.

Remember when the hottest summer toy was a Pogo Ball? That Saturn-shaped nightmare guaranteed at least one skinned elbow to any kid brave enough to take it on. These days, summer toys are a lot faster. Here are the hottest summer ride-on toys for your little adrenaline junkies.

EXY Trickstartr Stunt Scooter

EXY Trickstartr Stunt Scooter |

Scooters keep evolving every year. The EXY Trickstartr Stunt Scooter, which comes in a cool purple shade I love, has an innovative wheelie system. What does that mean for Mom? It probably means it’s time to stock up on a few more boxes of Band-Aids. What does it mean for kids? This thing can shred. A detachable device on the scooter lets kids start on easy mode at age 5 and move up level by level to expert mode. Expert mode means you should probably close your eyes while your kid is doing wild tricks. (Toys R Us, $80)

EXY Sharker

EXY Sharker |

When a plain old skateboard won’t do, the EXY Sharker is the way to go. Part casterboard and part skateboard, it lets your kid propel forward without having to push off against the ground. Confused? Don’t worry, your kid will get it. The cool part is the hip-wiggling motion and keen balance needed to zoom around on this cool board are perfect for summer fitness. EXY Sharker sent my boys one to try out and I’ve never seen them get so sweaty so fast. (Toys R Us, $80)

Razor RipRider 360

Razor RipRider 360 |

I know you remember the sound of plastic wheels on pavement. The Big Wheels of the past have evolved into much sleeker, faster trikes. As a result, the Razor RipRider 360 looks like something you’d see on a racetrack. Little kids who aren’t ready for big-time balancing can pull some serious moves on this cool trike that can drift and spin. I’m not gonna lie. I wish I could fit on one of these. (Amazon, $87)

YBIKE Explorer Go-Kart

YBIKE Explorer Go-Kart |

Next time your kid begs for an electric or gas-powered go-kart, consider a kid-powered option. That is, when you’re done laughing at your kid’s ridiculous request. Unlike fast and terrifying motorized karts, the YBIKE Explorer Go-Kart runs on kid energy. Trust me, this means a better night’s sleep for everyone involved. (YBike USA, $200)

Radio Flyer Ziggle

Radio Flyer Ziggle |

Your preschooler can get in on the ride-on action with an age-appropriate toy like the Radio Flyer Ziggle. In addition to having the cutest name I’ve ever heard, it’s the perfect step up from a tricycle for budding daredevils. Kids can wiggle, spin and glide. It’s a fun way to encourage movement and balance without full-on sending your kid down a half-pipe. (Amazon, $36)

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