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Baby names that mean happy

Babies bring happiness, so why not choose a baby name that describes that feeling? Like your baby-to-be, these happy names will definitely make you smile.

10 Happy baby girl names

Parents from all around the world express their happiness with delightful baby names. The girls’ list ranges from unique, ancient names to fun, contemporary options.

Aleeza (Hebrew), means “joy”

Allegra (Italian), “cheerful, lively”

Duscha (Russian), “happy guest”

Farrah (Arabic), “happy”

Felicity (Latin), “happiness”

Hilary (Latin), “cheerful”

Joy (French), “joy,” of course

Letitia (English), “joyful”

Mabbina (Irish), “happiness”

Sunny (American), “cheerful”

10 Happy baby boy names

Families express joy that their lineage will continue with a son. These old-time baby boy names come from near and far.

Arnan (Hebrew), “joyful”

Asher (Hebrew), “happiness”

Feliciano (Italian), “happy”

Gil (French), “joy”

Hani (Muslim), “delighted”

Macario (Spanish), “happy”

Tate (English), “cheerful”

Radimir (Slavic), “famous joy”

Rufaro (Shona), “elation”

Winston (English), “joyful”

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