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Easy YouTube hairstyles for little girls

Are your hair stylist skills a little bit lacking? That may seem like a small offense, but if you have little girls, it’s probably enough to send you into a panic. No fear, mama. With the help of YouTube, your little girl can have a diva ‘do, just like her friends.

1. Rope braid
So you can’t even do a simple braid? This is the hairstyle for you. Just a few simple twists, and you’re golden.

2. Minnie Mouse bow
Do you have a Minnie Mouse fan in your house? If so, do yourself a favor and watch this video. Your little girl will be thrilled to sport her Bowtique-inspired hairdo.

3. French braid
A French braid is a classic look. It’s perfect for dressy occasions or a day in the park, and it’s not half as complicated as you’ve probably convinced yourself it is.

4. Subtle bow
Who needs fancy hair bows when you can make one out of her own hair? Bonus: It’s super easy.

5. Triple-flipped ponytail
This style looks like a fishtail braid, but it’s actually much easier. It’s so simple that even a dad can do it (or at least this one can).

6. Fishtail braid
A standard braid is easy, but it can get kind of boring. Take it up a step by making that braid a fishtail.

7. Front-twist ponytail
There’s no reason the girls with long hair should have all the fun. This quick and easy style works for hair of almost any length, and it’s great for short hair. It’s also perfect for hiding that awkward phase when growing out bangs.

8. Ballet bun
You’re going to need this one in your arsenal if you have a tiny dancer on your hands. This easy method doesn’t require a sock or doughnut — doesn’t get much easier than that.

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