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Easy DIY chunky crayons for toddlers

Toddlers love the excitement of seeing what they draw appear on a page, but their little fingers may not be ready for regular crayons. Melt crayons in mini muffin cups to make them perfect for toddler hands.

A box of jumbo crayons for toddlers can cost as much as $9. It’s simple, and far more affordable, to make your own crayons in the oven.

Toddler crayon | - Color time
Photo credit: Diana Johnson

This is a great project to stock up for when school supplies are one sale. Eight-packs of crayons are often just 50 cents. Your child will love the round crayons that are easy to hold, and you’ll love spending less than $2 on the craft.

Toddler crayon | - Supplies
Photo credit: Diana Johnson


  • Three 8-packs of crayons
  • Scissors
  • Silicone mini muffin pan


Step 1: Remove wrappers

Toddler crayon | - remove wrappers
Photo credit: Diana Johnson

Use the edge of the scissors to slit open and remove the crayon wrappers.

Step 2: Break crayons

Toddler crayon | - Break crayons
Photo credit: Diana Johnson

Break the crayons into about 5 pieces each and put the pieces of each color into separate muffin holes. The mini muffin hole should easily hold 3 broken crayons.

Step 3: Melt crayons

Toddler crayon | - Melt crayons
Photo credit: Diana Johnson

Place the pan into a 350 degree F oven for 5 to 8 minutes until the crayons are completely melted.

Step 4: Cool and remove

Toddler crayon | - Cool and remove
Photo credit: Diana Johnson

Let the pan cool for about 30 minutes or until the crayons have hardened. Pop the crayons out of the muffin pan.

Step 5: Color time

Toddler crayon | - Color time
Photo credit: Diana Johnson

Let your toddler sit on the ground with the crayons and a large sheet of paper and watch the art begin!

Toddler crayon | - Color time
Photo credit: Diana Johnson

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