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9 Ways to kick it with your little girl

The days are long and the years are short, they say. Make the days pass quickly and the years pass sweetly with these nine fun activities for a mother-daughter day out.

1. Check out a yoga class

Yoga is a great activity for tweens and teens, because it’s bonding but doesn’t require any gabbing. It can also ease tensions if you’re having any trouble with your daughter at home. Plus, super fun. My three-year-old is constantly stopping in public to show off her one-legged down dog, which I find delightful.

2. Bar-hop a soda shop

Grab a drink and sit a spell, my friend. When the weather gets toasty, take your little girl to an old-fashioned soda shop for a tasty and refreshing treat.

3. Attend a movie premiere

This summer, take your little girl to a movie premiere, courtesy of an American Girl® Store near you. You’ll see Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight, an all-new movie featuring Isabelle™, the 2014 American Girl of the Year. Seriously, ladies, there’s a goody bag included, so you best check out your local listings for more information.

4. Create a Kool-Aid sensation

Nothing says summer like Kool-Aid, right? Especially when you use it to create a funky and washable mother-daughter hairdo. Seriously, dye your hair with a fun wash-out Kool-Aid color that’s perfect for summer vacation. (Word to the wise: Just don’t hop in a swimming pool afterward, because the chlorine will set the color in your hair permanently — not that this has ever happened to me or anything).

5. Splurge on a mani-pedi

Take your daughter to your local salon for matching French tips on fingers and toes. Everyone knows that a mani-pedi is at least four times as fun with a daughter along for the ride.

6. Paint a masterpiece

Scope your neighborhood for a beginner’s painting class, and try your hand at a masterpiece. Even if your daughter is shy, the low-pressure ambiance will have her chatting in no time.

7. All aboard for a train ride

Who says little boys are the only ones crazy about trains? If you have a train nearby, call your city for information about specialty train rides for kids. For instance, the train in my town has a fun pajama party event that’s ripe for a mother-daughter outing.

8. Celebrate your pets

A girl’s pet is her “fur-ever” friend, so celebrate Fido with an American Girl Store event in honor of your family’s pet. During the event, you’ll enjoy a tasty meal and fun activities that shout “hip, hip, hooray” for Fido and Fluffy. Visit the American Girl Store website for detailed information and local listings.

9. Drive up to a drive-in

Forget your husband — your daughter is the ideal candidate for a movie date. Pick out a girly rom-com or animated flick for a unique time as a duo, and don’t forget to pack girly snacks to make it special. We’re thinking yummy chocolates, light finger foods and the mixin’s for a Shirley Temple.

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