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Cool down with these fun water games for kids

Just because the mercury’s rising doesn’t mean you can’t send your kids outdoors with games and activities that will keep them cool. From wet sponge race games to outdoor water balloon piñata activities, discover eight water games for kids.

Drip, Drip, Splash!

Drip, drip, splash |

Photo credit: Outdoor Family Travel

For a game that keeps kids active while keeping them cool, try a game of Drip, Drip, Splash! Just like Duck, Duck, Goose, kids sit in a circle and the person who is “it” has to go around with a cup of water, dripping a little on each player’s head saying “drip.” Then the cup holder dumps the rest of the contents on a player’s head calling “splash!” and runs to sit in the tagged person’s spot before the soaked player catches up.

Fill the bucket

Fill the bucket |

Photo credit: A Nest in the Rocks

Nothing says summer like a sponge relay! With something as simple as a bucket, a sponge and some rowdy kids, shows you how water games can help serve up a refreshing dose of friendly competition.

Kid wash

Kid wash |

Photo credit: Scottsdale Mom’s Blog

For parents handy with PVC pipe, you can turn your backyard into a mini water park with this kid wash by Kids will love running, playing and riding bikes through this aquatic contraption that begs for summer to never end.

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Sponge bull’s-eye toss

Sponge bullseye toss |
Photo credit: Kiwi Crate

Combine your kids’ love of sidewalk chalk and sponges with this water game by that’s sure to be a bull’s-eye for fun. Whether you keep score is up to you!

Ice boat races

Ice boat races |

Photo credit: Reading Confetti

You don’t have to have a creek running through your backyard to host your very own boat races with this chilly idea by With some frozen boats and some tinfoil, your kids will never look at ice cubes the same again.

Water balloon piñata

Water balloon piñata |

Photo credit: Ziggity Zoom

No need to wait for a birthday party to break out the piñata-fun with this wet and wild outdoor activity by And the best part? No need to worry about a sugar rush when your kids bust open the balloons.

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Outdoor “coffee” shop

Outdoor 'coffee' shop |

Photo credit: Happy Hooligans

Mud pies are so last summer when you set up an outdoor “coffee” station like this one by Using a few coffee accessories and leaving your worry that the kids will get dirty at the door, head outside for the best cup of fun your kids will have all vacation long.

Egg and spoon race

Egg and spoon race |

Photo credit: Little Chair

Using water balloons in place of eggs, line your kids up for a race created especially for outdoor fun by Tip: For younger players, spoon up water balloons that aren’t filled as full; they resist popping a little easier when tots drop those “eggs!”

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