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10 Crafts you remember from kindergarten

When you think back, you likely remember these crafts from your own childhood. Now it’s time to introduce your kids to those favorites that have been around for generations.

It’s time to reminisce and introduce your kids to some of the classic crafts that we did as children which have stood the test of time.

Can stilts

Can stilts |

Remember how much you loved walking around on can stilts that you made yourself? Well, your kids will love them too. And these can stilts are far prettier than the stilts we recall making.

Friendship bracelets

Friendship bracelets |

Photo credit: HonestlyWTF

Long before Rainbow Looms took over, kids were trading friendship bracelets. Raise your hand if you remember having an armful of these that you refused to take off all summer.

God’s eyes

God's Eye |

We’re pretty sure that a summer camp didn’t exist that didn’t work these god’s eyes into craft time. Your little ones will love this project as much as you did.

Polymer clay beads and jewelry

Polymer clay beads and jewelry |

Photo credit: Babbledabbledo

We all loved getting our hands on clay when we were little. These handcrafted polymer clay beads have stood the test of time and there’s no denying the way they unleash creativity in little ones.

Painted rocks

Painted rocks |

Photo credit: Eighteen25

We remember being on the eternal search for the perfect rocks for painting and long summer afternoons spent decorating them and waiting for them to dry. We love this tic tac toe game for those painted rocks.

Paper boat craft

Paper boat craft |

Perhaps it’s the simplicity of this paper boat craft that has helped it to stand the test of time. Your sweethearts will love creating these and setting sail just as much as you did.

Paper weaving

Paper weaving |

Photo credit: MakeAndTakes

Our parents may have known that paper weaving was great for our fine motor skills, but we just thought it was fun and loved our finish product. Give your kids a handful of colorful paper and see what they create.

Homemade colored sand

Homemade colored sand |

Photo credit:

What we loved most about this colored sand craft is that it was fun from beginning to end. From adding the food coloring to layering it in the jar, there was no end to our creativity.


Lanyards |

Photo credit: ThisWorkIsGettingToMe

Who else remembers gifting these lanyards to our loving parents? We wouldn’t be shocked if they still have them, stashed away in a special place. Now it’s time to teach your own kids this classic box stitch.

Pinch pots

Pinch pots |

Photo credit:

One of the greatest delights we took from crafting when we were kids is seeing our parents put our offerings on display. These clay pinch pots adorned windowsills everywhere then, just as they do now.

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