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DIY mother-daughter spa day

Next time it’s girls’ night in, turn your home into a luxurious spa with these simple DIY beauty recipes. You can pamper yourself and your daughter from head to toe with everything from hair masks to a lemony foot scrub. To make it even more authentic, don’t forget to serve cucumber water.

1. Coconut body butter

Coconut body butter

Photo credit: The Gunny Sack

This tropical-scented body butter recipe is perfect for a special spa day. The added petroleum jelly gives it a super-moisturizing feel, and it’s easy to whip up (literally) in your kitchen using a stand or hand mixer.

2. Simple salt scrub

Simple salt scrub

Photo credit: One Charming Party

You probably have all the ingredients for this easy salt scrub in your kitchen right now. Even if you don’t want to make a big batch you can make a small batch as needed. If lemon isn’t your preferred scent, swap in another citrus fruit or an essential oil in its place.

3. Yogurt & green clay face mask

Yogurt & green clay face mask

Photo credit: VMAC & Cheese

This simple 3-ingredient mask is the perfect way to nourish your skin. You can find green clay at your local health store, or order it online. If you have trouble finding it, simply leave it out and make a yogurt honey mask instead. (And you can always eat the leftovers.)

4. DIY lip balm

DIY lip balm

Photo credit: Style Me Pretty

What’s the best part about this lip balm? It’s flavored with your favorite Kool-Aid flavor. Genius! We’ll be opting for pink lemonade. You can find small tins or pots at your local craft supply store.

5. Lavender bubble bath

Lavender bubble bath

Photo credit: Paula Parrish

What could be more soothing than a lavender-scented bubble bath? Not much that we can think of. This simple recipe actually uses natural, unscented dish soap to make sure you get lots of bubbles.

6. Moisturizing hair mask

Moisturizing hair mask

Photo credit: Bespangled Jewelry

Protect your hair from summer stressors with this moisturizing mask. It’s almost like the ingredient list for guacamole, but this mask uses avocado oil and mayonnaise (instead of the actual avocado). The raw honey makes it smell good and nourishes your tresses.

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