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DIY mother-daughter manis

Have fun bonding with your girls with these easy nail design ideas perfect for mother-daughter manicures. From neon polka dots to dainty flowers, paint splatters to nail designs inspired by the movie Frozen, your daughter will love showing off her nails while making memories with mom.

Ready for mother-daughter manicure night? Get inspired to turn your and your daughter’s nails into works of art with these nail designs that are actually super easy to do. Although we totally wouldn’t judge if you showed up at work with Queen Elsa painted on your nails, many of these designs can also be toned down for mom.

1. Neon polka dot French manicure

Neon polka dot French manicure

This nail design not only has a big impact, it is also so easy to do. Your daughter will love the contrast between the white nail polish and fun neon polka dots — and it is subtle enough that you could wear this to work without raising too many eyebrows.

You don’t need any fancy tools to create this nail art. Simply paint each nail with a bright white nail polish, such as Sally Hansen xTreme Wear in White On. Next, use a pointed Q-tip, bobby pin or paper clip and dot on neon nail polish along the tip of each nail. has a great selection of bright nail polish colors that are non-toxic and perfect for kids. Alternate colors for a fun and festive look. Check out our step-by-step guide for more tips on creating this look.

2. Frozen manicure with Olaf

Frozen manicure with Olaf

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If your daughter is like most girls, she is probably obsessed with anything and everything related to the movie Frozen. If that is the case, she will love this Frozen-inspired manicure from Feel free to play “Let It Go” for the millionth time (or not) as you paint your nails this easy white-and-sparkly-blue design. Start by painting your nails an opaque white (such as Essie Blanc), followed by a sheer blue just at the tips, such as OPI Sheer Tint I Can Teal You Like Me. Next, give your nails that Frozen “wow” factor by painting the tips with a blue sparkly nail polish, such as Essence Glorious Aquarius. She then used tempera paint to create the Olaf design, however you could also pick up stick-on nail decals, such as this pack of Frozen nail art decals from Etsy.

3. Dainty daisy flower nail art

Dainty daisy flower nail art

Your daughter will love having a bouquet of pretty flowers on her nails — and so will you. These flowers look more difficult than they actually are. After painting your nails a bright base color, such as a warm pink, dip a small paintbrush in black nail polish and make five black dots to create the petal. Let the black dry and then dot a contrasting color in the center — and you are finished. See the complete tutorial here for more pictures.

4. Nail splatters

Nail Splatters

Your daughter will love this nail design because it lets her splatter nail polish — and you will love it because it is totally a throwback to the ’80s. Paint your nails a light color (they used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls in the picture) and then dip a makeup brush or small paintbrush in a bright purple or pink nail polish. Next, dip your brush in a little bit of nail polish remover to thin it out so it splatters effectively. Then, have fun splattering the nail polish across your nails. Use at least three nail polish colors for a bright and festive look. Lastly, use nail polish remover to take off the splatters around your fingers. Check out our complete nail tutorial for more directions.

5. Zebra stripes nail art

Zebra stripes nail art

Is your daughter an animal lover? Help her show off her stripes with this easy and cute zebra stripe nail art. Start with a base coat of a bright neon color, such as Essie’s Pink Parka, and then use a black nail pen to paint on the stripes.

6. Melting ice cream

Melting ice cream

Combine ice cream with a manicure and you have a match made in heaven. You and your daughter will have so much fun creating this melting ice cream design on your nails. Start with a pink base coat and, using a small paintbrush, apply a white melting design down each nail. Allow it to dry and then dot on different color nail polishes to create sprinkles. See our complete tutorial for a step-by-step guide.

7. Mermaid scales

Mermaid scales

Has your daughter always dreamed of joining Ariel under the sea in The Little Mermaid? She will love creating these mermaid scales on her nails. This nail art takes a bit more time than the other nail art, but it is totally worth it. You can also create this design on just one nail for a status nail. To achieve this look, you alternate dotting teal, silver and pink, overlapping each one, until your entire nail is filled in. Check out our tutorial here for step-by-step directions.

8. Confetti nails

Confetti nails

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Looking for a manicure idea for the artistically challenged? These confetti nails from are so cute, yet super easy. Simply brush on an opaque white polish, such as Maybelline Canary Cool, followed by one coat of Delish Polish Piñata Confetti.

9. Strawberry Shortcake nails

Strawberry Shortcake nails

Photo credit:

This cute Strawberry-Shortcake-inspired nail art looks complicated, but they are actually super easy because they are stick-on nail wraps. This design from Jamberry Nails, called Gingham & Berries, features nail wraps that are easy to apply. You simply apply the wrap and warm it with a nail dryer and cut it to fit your nails. No polish needed. Pick up a pair for $15 at

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