This Year’s Best Beach Gear for Families Is Truly Extra

Would it truly be summer without a trip to the beach? Maybe you’re a total ocean fiend, or maybe you just have fond childhood memories from the shore and want to share that with your own kids. Either way, that bucolic beach can also be where your stress levels hit an all-time high — because, honestly, packing for the seaside with kids is a process. Remembering to bring toys, sunblock, sandcastle sets, oh my! And God forbid you forget snacks.

That’s where this list of beach gear and gadgets comes in handy. It has it all, and with all the bells and whistles: sunblock; games; and beach essentials like towels, waterproof bags and more. Once you have all these items checked off, you can lay out, stretch out and relax — even if just for a few minutes.

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1. Supergoop! SPF 30+ endless summer pump

Supergoop SPF30+ Endless Summer Pump |
Image: Dermstore

First up, sunscreen — and plenty of it. This 18-ounce pump bottle will keep you and your kids sun-safe all summer.

Supergoop! SPF 30+ endless summer pump, $48 at Dermstore

2. Hint Grapefruit Sunscreen Spray (SPF 30)

hint grapefruit sunscreen
Image: hint

If your kids love anything scented, opt for hint’s sunscreen with a subtle, delicious, fruity smell. Hint has three different scents: grapefruit, pineapple and pear.

Grapefruit Sunscreen Spray, $17.99 at Hint

3. Codream mesh beach bag with insulated cooler

Codream mesh beach bag with insulated cooler
Image: Amazon

If you forget to bring snacks and drinks, you’re just asking for hangry kids. This cooler is insulated and perfect for beach travel.

Codream mesh beach bag with insulated cooler, $19.99 at Amazon

4. Beach snacks

Abby's cookies
Image: Safe + Fair

Speaking of beach snacks, be sure to bring a balance: sandwiches and veggies, plus a treat that’s quick, easy-to-grab, easy-to-store and easy-to-open — like Abby’s cookies.

Abby’s shortbread cookies, $14.99 at Safe + Fair

5. The Lakeside Collection easy-up 9-inch-by-6-inch sunshade

The Lakeside Collection easy-up 9'x6' sun shade
Image: The Lakeside Collection

If the beach doesn’t have any umbrellas under which to set up camp, you can always bring your own shade. This one from The Lakeside Collection is so easy to set up.

Easy-up sunshade, $36.98 at The Lakeside Collection

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6. Click N’ Play 18-piece beach sand toy set

Click N' Play 18-piece beach sand toy set
Image: Amazon

What’s a trip to the beach without a sandcastle? With an 18-piece set like this one, kids will stay occupied for hours.

Click N’ Play 18-piece beach sand toy set, $15.99 at Amazon

7. Kikal floating waterproof dry bag sack

KIKAL floating waterproof dry bag sack
Image: Amazon

One of the most impossible-seeming beach tasks is keeping all your items as dry as possible when you’re shored up on land. This sack should do the trick.

Kikal floating waterproof dry bag sack, $9.99 at Amazon

8. Ammsun beach umbrella hanging hook

AMMSUN beach umbrella hanging hook
Image: Amazon

This hook will come in handy when you’re desperately looking for a place to hang up your sunglasses, camera, heavy beach towels and literally everything else you brought.

Ammsun beach umbrella hanging hook, $6.99 at Amazon

9. Rio folding beach table

RIO beach folding beach table
Image: Amazon

No tables? No problem — bring this easy-to-assemble folding option.

Rio folding beach table, $13.95 at Amazon

10. iChefer sand-proof beach blanket

iChefer sand-proof beach blanket
Image: Amazon

Did you think we’d forget the beach blanket? No way. And this one has it all: sand anchor pockets, zipper pockets for small-item storage, stakes for windy days and, yes, it’s “sand-proof,” whatever that means.

iChefer sand-proof beach blanket, $15.99 at Amazon

11. Wapag waterproof bag case pouch

WAPAG waterproof bag case pouch
Image: Amazon

Waterproof all the things! Toss in your phone, money, ID and credit cards — anything you don’t want lost or destroyed on the beach.

Wapag waterproof bag case pouch, $5.99 at Amazon

12. Nikon Coolpix W300

Nikon COOLPIX W300
Image: Nikon

This waterproof and dust-proof Nikon camera is perfect for taking to the beach.

Coolpix W300, $389.95 at Nikon

13. Light n’ Go bonfire log

Light n' Go bonfire log
Image: Essay Group

If you’re staying on the beach through sunset and into the evening — and are at a beach that allows the burning of firewood — this nifty, single-bonfire log is perfect. It’s space-efficient, easy to pack and burns independently in a self-contained fire for over an hour.

Light n’ Go bonfire log, $9.29 at Essay Group

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14. Essential 360 camera

Essential 360 camera
Image: Essential

OK, fine, you don’t need this, but isn’t a 360-degree camera a fun option for capturing every family vacation snap?

360 camera, $199 at Essential

15. Dock & Bay compact sand-proof beach towel

Dock & Bay compact sand-proof beach towel
Image: Amazon

Last but not least, the beach towel: Dock & Bay’s towels are not only quick-drying, but they’re also highly absorbent — and sand won’t stick to them.

Dock & Bay compact sand-proof beach towel, $19.99 at Amazon


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