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15 Jewelry crafts that you can do with your daughter

Create some pretty fun with your daughter using one of these awesome jewelry crafts. With ideas for all age ranges, you’re sure to find something that you both will love and cherish for a lifetime.

1. Washer necklace

Washer necklace

Photo credit: Small for Big

Grab your daughter for a mani and crafting session with this washer necklace. Made using a washer, nail polish and string, this is cute and fun for the two of you.

2. DIY Rainbow loom

DIY Rainbow loom

Photo credit: Busy Kids, Happy Mom

Sure, you could purchase a rainbow loom, but make it more personal by crafting not only the jewelry together but the loom as well.

3. Pasta necklace

Pasta necklace

Photo credit: Pickle Bums

Great for little ones, the pasta necklace is simple and super cute. Crafted with the use of pasta, paint and string, this will keep younger girls and mom busy for hours.

4. Drinking straw necklace

Drinking straw necklace

Photo credit: The Crafty Sisters

An inexpensive craft, the drinking straw necklace is another jewelry idea perfect for little fingers. Made with metal clasps and drinking straws, mom may need to link the pieces together, as it can be a bit of a challenge.

5. Pinwheel necklace

Pinwheel necklace

Photo credit: Handmade Charlotte

Amazing for girls who love to paint, this necklace can be crafted to your expectations. Assembled with a wooden wheel and your choice of string, this is an adorable piece of jewelry that even you’ll want to wear.

6. Disco ball heart necklace

Disco ball heart necklace

Photo credit: The Alison Show

Little ladies will go crazy over this disco ball heart necklace. Crafted with glitter and foam, this is a pretty and simple idea for the two of you.

7. Initial jewelry

Initial jewelry

Photo credit: Fynes Designs

Go monogram crazy with these adorable necklaces. Made with the use of clay, modge podge and a few other crafty accessories, you can make a few together to wear and gift.

8. Fabric-wrapped bracelets

Fabric wrapped bracelets

Photo credit: The 36th Avenue

Grab your old bangles of the ’90s and go craft crazy with your girl. Using old fabric scraps and hot glue, these fabric-wrapped bracelets are great for any age.

9. Washi tape bracelet

Washi tape bracelet

Photo credit: Mama Miss

One of the more unique ideas on the list comes from these lovely little washi tape bracelets. Constructed with the use of ice pop sticks, you’re guaranteed a good time when crafting this piece of jewelry.

10. Clay polymer bracelet

Clay polymer bracelet

Photo credit: Babble Dabble Do

Available in a few sizes and color ideas, these clay polymer bracelets can be made to fit both of your style preferences. Neat and simple, nearly any age girl would love to create one of these with mom.

11. Clay braided bracelet

Clay braided bracelet

Photo credit: Delighted Momma

A perfect craft for girls just learning to braid, these clay bracelets are a great way to teach them. Made with clay, you can mix up colors and sizes for an afternoon of crafting fun.

12. Fabric & paper bracelet

Fabric & paper bracelet

Photo credit: Mama Miss

Fashion some old fabric scraps and paper straws for an easy, yet darling bracelet idea. Have caution though, as this fabric & paper bracelet does require two pairs of scissors.

13. Fishtail bracelet

Fishtail bracelet

Photo credit: Typical Housecat

Take your fishtail from your braid to your wrist with this charming bracelet. A bit more challenging than the rest, this craft may be best for moms with daughters that are ages 10 and up.

14. Plastic bottle cuff bracelets

Plastic bottle cuff bracelets

Photo credit: Madtown Macs

Upcycle old plastic bottles by creating them into bracelets. A simple concept, this is a terrific craft for little ones.

15. Origami bipyramid necklace

Origami Bipyramid necklace

Photo credit: Mr. Printables

Girls that dig origami will love to craft a necklace using bipyramids. A perfect idea for moms who want to learn and little ladies who want to teach.

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