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The best nursing bras for plus-sized moms

Your “girls” were large and lovely before you were breastfeeding. Here’s how to support them while nursing your baby.

Many moms revel in their larger breasts while pregnant or nursing a baby. But it can be hard to find a properly fitting nursing bra that’s not only comfortable but also stylish when your breasts are supersized. If you’ve shopped for plus size nursing bras only to find out the size only goes up to a D cup, look no further.

Plus-sized breasts need special nursing bras

Judy P. Masucci, Ph.D. and owner of A Mother’s Boutique explains, “When you start nursing, your breasts get heavier, so they can become very uncomfortable if they aren’t supported properly. And wearing the wrong sized bra can not only be very uncomfortable, but it can also cause a whole other host of problems like clogged ducts or mastitis. When you have a larger bust, you need to make sure that you are wearing a bra that offers you enough support.”

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Get the right fit for your plus size nursing bra

It’s worth taking the time — even spending a bit more money — to work with an expert bra fitter who has experience with nursing bras.

Mom Heather says, “I’m a 36GG. The best thing I did for myself was to get a professional measurement at Nordstrom. I had been to lingerie stores and measured but the staff in those places didn’t really know anything about fit the way that they do at Nordstrom. I had been wearing a 40H and had back pain. When I went to Nordstrom and got fit properly, my back pain went away. I have a couple of underwire nursing bras from Elomi that fit great and work great. They’ve held up really well for me. Once I was able to find the proper size, I found better sports bras too — Panache has been great.”

Can’t find an expert nursing bra fitter nearby? Don’t worry. Masucci offers a virtual bra fitting service.

More large cup size nursing bra favorites

One of the plus size nursing bra brands Masucci recommends is Cake. “Cake Lingerie specializes in making women feel beautiful,” she says. “But unlike other manufacturers of beautiful nursing bras, Cake’s bras are also supportive and they accommodate large cup sizes with support and beauty. Many Cake bras start at a B or C cup and go up to a J or K cup.” She also likes Bella Materna, “Some of their styles go up to an H cup and they are the only manufacturer to make a flexible sized maternity/nursing bra that can accommodate up to a J cup.”

Bottom line? No matter what letter your cup size is in the alphabet, there are great options available for plus size nursing bras.

Here’s to your breasts being comfortable and supported while nursing your baby!

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