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We dare you not to smile at this Iggy Azalea parody

The gang at What’s Up Mom performs an Iggy Azalea parody that drops some truth bombs about pregnancy. We’re loving “I’m So Pregnant.”

Whether you like “Fancy” or not, it’s impossible not to recognize Iggy Azalea’s runaway hit. The catchy hip hop single has inspired a wave of parodies. This one basically wins the internet.

The moms at What’s Up Moms put together a hilarious parody that reminds us all what being 9 months pregnant felt like. If you remember all the sleepless nights, constant peeing, crippling heartburn and painful kicks of the third trimester, you’ll love “I’m So Pregnant.”

“And I pee every 10 seconds,” Meg — who is actually pregnant — sings. “I cannot bend down, that would defy the laws of physics.” Yeah. We’ve been there and done that.
Between pregnant moms running marathons and these talented women singing and dancing, the pregnancy accomplishment bar has been raised. And I thought it was impressive when I could balance a bowl of cereal on my belly.

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