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The iconic dad jeans

Visit any suburb with a high population of old people and you will undoubtedly witness a middle-aged man wearing dad jeans. “Dad jeans?” you ask. “What are dad jeans?”

Picture a pair of loose-fitting jeans that are even higher than your average high rise, coupled with blocky white tennis shoes, a tucked-in button down and a dorky dad joke. There you have it — the iconic dad jeans, often bought in bulk at the local Costco or Walmart.

These jeans are often characterized by their typical high-waisted style, tired-looking shade of blue, and brand name that was barely cool 15 years ago. These days, you can even catch President Obama looking comfortable and casual in his dad jeans.

Obama wearing dad jeans

Even though we make fun of our dads for wearing these jeans, we have to admit — no one can rock a pair of old dad jeans quite like our own dads. We love our dads, even when they embarrass us with their questionable style choices.

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