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10 Fun water toys to make you forget you don’t have a pool

We’ve found the coolest new gear for water-lovin’ toddlers. These picks will keep your little one splashing safely all summer long.

1. WaterWheel Activity Play Table

WaterWheel Activity Play Table |

Forget your boring old activity table with this high-energy play table from Step2. Your kids will enjoy hours of splashing in waterfalls, lakes and moats with built-in boats and cups that will keep them cooled-off and engaged. (Amazon, $40)

2. Learn and Draw School Pool

Learn and Draw School Pool |

Combine every child’s two favorite things — splashing and coloring — with this clever doodling pool for optimum enjoyment. The pool comes with erasable crayons for use on the blow-up whiteboard. It’ll keep your kiddo busy for at least 10 minutes, we swear. (Toys R Us, $20)

3. Nest and Stack Buckets

Nest and Stack Buckets |

Oh nesting cups and buckets, what would parents do without you? We love that these buckets come in large sizes so there’s lots of room to store and splash water from the kiddie pool and hose. (, $42)

4. Splash and Spray Ball

Splash and Spray Ball |

What makes a beach ball even better? Water, obviously. This beach ball plugs into your hose system and turns into something resembling a wildly fun backyard sprinkler. (Home Depot, $14)

5. Inflatable Water Sprayer Park

Inflatable Water Sprayer Park |

You guys, this spray-ground is seriously legit. Inflate this bad boy for a backyard hose spray-ground that rivals that of your local pool. (Rakuten, $105)

6. Geyser Football

Geyser Football |

Even if your miniature child can’t throw farther than three feet, he or she will get a kick out of this geyser football from the Geyser Guys. The football’s design practically explodes water as it flies through the air — or rolls slowly away from your child. (Pool Rafts, $15)

7. Hot Potato Splash

Hot Potato Splash |

Who doesn’t love a fun game of potato toss, especially when it’s set to music? This little potato toss game isn’t exactly water-specific, but it is water-resistant, which makes it great for a summer day in the sprinklers. (Amazon, $15)

8. Slip ‘N Slide

Slip 'N Slide |

Set up this retro Slip ‘N Slide for a slide on the wild side this summer. Your kids will love careening down the slick, wet tarp on a hot day, just like you did when you were younger. (Peekkids, $15)

9. Mini Foam Water Guns

Mini Foam Water Guns |

Elaborate water guns aren’t a great pick for toddlers, because they’re cumbersome and challenging for little ones to use. Instead, purchase these easy-to-use foam water guns that almost any child will grasp quickly and with great joy. (Amazon, $4)

10. Slam ‘N Curve Inflatable Water Slide

Slam 'N Curve Inflatable Water Slide |

A bit pricey, this water slide from Little Tikes is more like a water park. There’s a climbing wall, slide, pool and basketball hoop all in one product, which both your older and younger kids will love. Now, that’s what we call multi-tasking. (Walmart, $305)

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