Dad entrepreneurs share how they keep family a priority

Jun 6, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. ET

These dad-preneurs show how their families play a vital role in their businesses, and how they keep their kids a priority.

Working dads have to make family time a priority, but it can be an even bigger challenge for dads who own their own businesses. These four successful entrepreneur dads show how their families inspire them and how they make time for the most important people in their lives.

Michael Lowe of A Parent Media Co. Inc. and Kidoodle.TV

Michael Lowe |

Michael Lowe is the president of A Parent Media Co. Inc. and founder of Kidoodle.TV — and he's also a dad who was inspired by his experience as a father to create something important for families. "My 3-year-old son (at the time) navigated his way from cartoons on the TV into adult content all on his own, even after I removed the adult channels from the cable box," he shares. "When I stepped into the kitchen to grab a coffee, my son was 'safely' watching a cartoon on TV. I returned to find that he had managed to get into inappropriate content in just a few short minutes. After a few more scary online encounters for my son, I knew this was a problem that needed to be solved for parents like me so I set about building a team to create the solution and Kidoodle.TV was born."

His kids continue to help shape and grow his business, and he uses them not only as springboards for new ideas, but they help him in other ways, too. "I learn a lot from my sons about how kids both view and navigate the world and what they like and this has taught me to view our Kidoodle.TV development process differently," he told us.

Lowe credits his supportive spouse and understanding family with the success of his business, but he also notes that it goes the other way, too. "I am fortunate enough to have a corporate environment that is supportive of making sure that team members can attend to family first, and team members accommodate one another," he explains. "As an example, our team understands that every morning my greatest joy is walking my oldest son to school. They make sure not to schedule meetings for that block of time. As people spend more and more time at work, it’s incumbent upon corporations to provide a supportive environment for staff and their families. You can’t get back those precious moments of your kids growing up."

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