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Self-confident kids we can all learn from

Take a cue from these kids, who show that self-confidence is a big step on the way to happiness.

Kids are amazing creatures. In most instances, they have this amazing ability to not take themselves or anyone else too seriously. The result of that phenomenon is uncontrollable self-confidence. Eventually, of course, they hit middle and high school and have their first run-in with the mean girls or stupid boys, and from that moment on, their confidence continues to deteriorate. And one day, they wake up as adults who go through nine outfit changes every morning because they don’t feel right in anything and refuse to sing karaoke because that one girl told them they couldn’t sing.

It’s sad and we’re calling shenanigans. It’s time to flaunt who you really are, and we think these six kids are the most inspiring examples of self-confidence.

She likes herself… and everything else
Could she be any cuter and funnier? This girl likes everything. Next time you’re afraid to invite someone over because your house isn’t as big as theirs or you worry your boyfriend will be scared off by your crazy Aunt Judy, just repeat Jessica’s daily affirmation — interpretive movements and all.

She understands that haters gonna hate
Preach! Next time you get a snooty look from a store clerk or your snotty cousin comments on something she thinks is wrong with you, roll your eyes and repeat after this kid, “I don’t care if you don’t like me. I love me.” Bonus: It helps if you mean it.

He’s inspired by his own success
This little dude finally learned how to ride a bike, and he knows you can, too. His words of wisdom should inspire us all.

She’s got her own back
Monsters better stay away from this little girl’s closet, because if they show up, she’s got a plan.

She puts herself first
She has big plans for her life, and no man is going to stand in her way. Be warned, boys.

She is beautiful
How much better would the world be if we all saw things the way this little girl does?

Lesson learned? Kids are amazing and have no concept of self-doubt. Go be a kid again.

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