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Kidnapped baby returned safely thanks to Facebook

A kidnapped newborn was reunited with her parents just mere hours after her abduction, thanks to Facebook.

Modern hospitals have many policies in place to ensure your newborn baby cannot be kidnapped, but for one Canadian family, this nightmare became a horrible reality when a woman took their baby girl. In an amazing turnaround, however, social media brought the infant back to her mom and dad, all thanks to concerned citizens and a photo that went viral.

A kidnapped baby

A woman entered the hospital dressed up like a nurse and with practiced ease, picked up little Victoria McMahon. She looked like she belonged and even told the baby’s uncle that she was taking her away for some tests. He reports that he had no inkling that she wasn’t a staff member, but she confidently left the building with the baby and spirited her away in her car. Fortunately, there were clear accounts from witnesses who were able to describe her as well as the car she was driving. This information, along with a photo of the accused kidnapper, soon hit the internet.

A group of four friends saw the Amber Alert and Facebook posts sent out by Quebec police and they sprung into action when one of them recognized her former neighbor. They went to her residence and after noticing that she was there they called the police, who were able to break down the door and rescue the baby girl unharmed.

Parents thank Facebook

The grateful mom and dad say that they are deeply grateful for how quickly news of the kidnapping spread and how the message was able to be put in the hands of so many so easily. Facebook and other social media platforms have led to many happy endings, however, For example, this woman found her birth family in only 36 hours thanks to Facebook and these twin girls separated at birth were also reconnected via Facebook.

Don’t underestimate the power of social media.

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