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10 Coolest preschoolers on the internet

Feeling discouraged for the next generation? We found 10 kids who started working towards goals (charitable, physical and otherwise) while they were still in preschool. Their determination will not only make you rethink your cynicism but probably put your own life choices into perspective.

Miniature difference makers

Little lemonade girl
At 4 years old, Alex Scott decided she wanted to open a lemonade stand to raise money to cure cancer, a disease she was living with. Ten years after she lost her battle, kids are still having lemonade stands in her honor and donating their money to cancer charities.

Socially conscious shorty
Another awesome 4-year-old who wanted to make a difference: Bilaal Rajan, who started the Hands for Help charity while still in preschool. Five years later, at 9 years old, Rajan became a UNICEF Ambassador. So, what are you doing with your life?

Remarkably small musicians

The 3-year-old violinist
Anyone else remember the shrieking sounds our violins made when we tried to get involved in the school orchestra? We had about 10 years on this kid and still couldn’t nail it.

A 5-year-old pianist… who happens to be blind
Shut. up. Even with subtitles, the interview with this adorable pipsqueak is seriously sweet. Then, when she finally plays! Why do we even try to succeed when there are preschoolers out there doing stuff like this?

A set of North Korean kids playing guitar
The comment on this video might be right: It’s a little creepy to see such miniature children playing with such precision. Do they ever go out and play… or is it all guitar all the time? As eerie as it might be, we can’t deny the sheer talent.

Seriously sporty squirts

Smallest bada** in Honolua Bay
At 4 years old, Steve Roberson tackled the same waves as his dad… but on his own surfboard. His mom seemed apprehensive, but this kid was ready to rock.

Pint-sized half-piper
As grownups, we’re still too afraid to try the half-pipe. Schaeffer McLean showed us up by mastering it when he was only 5.

4-year-old future Winter Olympian
Bailey Duran was only 4 years old when videos of her doing snowboarding jumps appeared on YouTube. Soon enough, she was placing in national competitions and finding herself coming in first during most of them.

Tiny dancers

Popping and locking Asian twins
Ellen recently replaced Rosie and Sophia Grace with these super cute dancing Taiwanese twins. Not only are they adorable and great with choreography, but Zony and Yony also enjoy teaching Ellen how to speak Mandarin.

4-year-old Michael Jackson impersonator
So many moves. Michael Jackson was a legend, right? If this shorty keeps practicing, he’ll be on his way to Vegas to party with the Elvis impersonators.

Feeling inspired? Your kids can be just as talented or driven with a little encouragement from their heroes. (That’s you.)

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