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DIY no-sew I Spy bag

I Spy bags are not only a great way to keep your kids busy as a tactile activity, but you can also help your kiddo improve fine motor skills, visual perception and motor planning. Find out how to whip up this DIY I Spy bag without having to pull out the sewing machine.

No sew I spy bag |

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  • Clear heavy-duty sheet protector
  • Dry rice
  • Food coloring
  • Large glitter or sequins (optional)
  • Small toys and trinkets
  • Hot glue gun
  • Decorative duct tape

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  1. First, place as much dry rice as you intend to use in your tactile activity into a zipper close bag and drip food coloring into the rice until you reach your desired hue (25 drops of food coloring seems to cover 2 cups of dry rice well). Zip your bag closed and knead until your food coloring is well distributed.
  2. Next, spread your tinted rice evenly on a foil-lined cookie sheet and let dry overnight.
  3. Then, pour your colored rice into your heavy-duty sheet protector and add in the small toys and trinkets; you can add in random items or pick a theme like the beach or summer. Don’t forget to jot down the items you’re adding to your no-sew project. You can also toss in glitter or sequins with the rice to jazz it up a bit, but note that these shiny additions tend to stick to the plastic’s sides.
  4. Now lay your I Spy bag on a flat surface and gently push out all the air. Fold over the open end once and secure it with a line of hot glue. Continue rolling down until your I Spy bag is about a third smaller than its original size and secure it with hot glue.
  5. Finally, fold a length of decorative duct tape around each of the edges of your I Spy bag to form a border, leaving a “window” on both sides of your tactile activity. All that’s left to do is to let your kiddo seek out the treasures over and over!

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