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50 Awesome free family activities to try this weekend

Looking for free family activities to do this weekend? Print out our summer fun guide and start making some memories.

1. Have a backyard campout

2. Make pancakes

3. Make chalk paint

4. Go to the library

5. Host a movie night

6. Make homemade popsicles

7. Make a cereal necklace

8. Play a board game

9. Paint your toenails

10. Build an epic fort

Build an epic fort

11. Wash the car

12. Play kickball

13. Go for a bike ride

14. Bake cookies

15. Have a water balloon fight

16. Play a card game

17. Visit the fire station

18. Go to the park

19. Put on a puppet show

20. Make play dough

Make play dough

21. Play treasure hunt

22. Have a picnic

23. Set up a lemonade stand

24. Play hide-and-seek

25. Cut up magazines and make collages

26. Head to a splash pad

27. Play in the sprinklers

28. Make a mud pit in the yard

29. Have a slumber party in the living room

30. Paint rocks

 Paint rocks

31. Play four square

32. Blow up a balloon and bop it back and forth

33. Visit the museum

34. Go to an art and music festival

35. Start a family book club

36. Build with your LEGO® collection

37. Take a walk in the woods

38. Go to the airport and watch the planes

39. Visit an animal shelter

40. Try an at-home science experiment

at-home science experiment

41. Have a tea party

42. Go for a hike

43. Crank up the music and have a dance party

44. Have a scavenger hunt

45. Print free coloring pages and have a coloring party

46. Go to a free concert in the park

47. Make a movie with your video camera, phone or tablet

48. Go swimming

49. Make homemade slushes

50. Make green smoothies

 Make green smoothies

This post was sponsored by The LEGO Movie.

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