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LEGO superfan creates adorable kid-friendly web series

Looking for family-friendly YouTube videos? Vlogging superstar and LEGO superfan Evan of EvanTubeHD has racked up hundreds of millions of views creating adorable reviews and mini-movies.

If you’re like most moms, you’re a little wary of your kid hanging out on YouTube. How do you know if your child is going to come across inappropriate content? Thanks to kid-friendly channels like EvanTubeHD, your little LEGO fan or Minecraft junkie can find plenty of fresh, fun content that’s made by families for kids.
Evan, an adorable second-grader who loves video games and toys, recently launched a web series inspired by The LEGO Movie. The Great LEGO Movie Adventure stars Evan and his family in a playful journey that highlights U.S. geography and history. Your Lego-crazed kids will find it totally awesome — and you’ll appreciate the sneaky educational angle.

When you set your kids loose on EvanTubeHD, talk to them about how Evan worked as a team with his family to create something special. Not every young YouTube star is going to amass over 500,000 subscribers and over 280 million views, but it’s still a valuable lesson in hard work and creativity. With summer approaching, it’s the perfect time to really embrace hobbies, whether your child is a budding vlogger, writer or LEGO whiz. Evan’s LEGO adventures are the perfect example of how working hard doing what you love can transform your life.

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