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Kindergartner assaulted by teacher in the hallway

It’s a video you have to see to believe — and you certainly don’t want to believe that something like this could happen in a school.

Parents Anthony and Autumn Nelson of Wharton, Ohio, were surprised when they got a letter from their 6-year-old son’s school detailing an “incident” that occurred in the hallway with his teacher — but they were more than surprised when they saw the actual video surveillance of the event.

They were furious.

The shocking footage shows their son Ian, who is a kindergartner, ambling innocently down the hall to the restroom, only to be ambushed by his teacher when he comes out. First, the teacher (named as Barb Williams) lifts him under the arms and physically forces him against the wall, where she proceeds to grab him by the head and shirt, all while appearing to scold him. At one point, Ian’s head lolls back as he dangles helplessly in the air. The video ends with Ian reaching up to his face, seemingly to try to soothe where she grabbed him, before she jerks him into the bathroom again — a part of the video that isn’t even mentioned. What on earth was she doing taking him into the bathroom? And why is she out in the hallway alone? Who’s teaching the rest of the students?

Ian’s parents maintain that the school seemed to downplay the abuse in the letter that was sent home to them, making it seem like a “little incident” and only suspending the teacher for the last remaining 10 days of the school year.

“This is outrageous,” said the boy’s father. The parents plan to take the video to the county sheriff to press for criminal charges and are calling for the permanent termination of the teacher.

This is one instance where I’m calling for a zero-tolerance policy in school.

A zero-tolerance policy for any teacher who dares lay a hand on any student.

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