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The Coolest Subscription Boxes for Kids Who Love Getting Mail

When it comes to technology and entertainment, kids these days have got it good. They get Beyoncé in their Disney movies, have access to dozens of great apps at their fingertips, can stream their favorite shows from anywhere, and have the option to sign up to receive some of the coolest subscription boxes every single month. Where we had to drag ourselves to a crowded mall to get our hands on the latest fashions, toys, books, and crafts, today’s youth can find thousands of quality items with just a few clicks — and the best part is that companies will curate a package and send it straight to kids’ doorsteps. For a generation that may have never licked an envelope, snail mail treats them well!

There are perks for parents, too. Many subscription boxes plan out themes per month (or shipping cycle of your choosing) so that you don’t have to spend countless hours combing through options. And, yes, there’s a box for every kid: the coder, the chef, the gamer, the reader, the crafter, and the perpetually curious. Simply find the package that works best for you and your kiddo, select your delivery frequency, and get ready for boxes of fun. Your kids will never be so happy to see the mailman.

Ahead, check out the best subscription boxes for kids that’ll make their holiday (or any other time of the year).

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For the little (and big!) learners


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Image: KiwiCo.

Whether you have a newborn or a teenager, KiwiCo has the perfect developmental-based crates made just for them. You can gift them one of nine hands-on science or art-based kits including the Doodle Crate, which comes with all the art tools they need to get their inner Picasso on, and the Eureka Crate, which is ideal for your older, aspiring engineer. All the kits are kid-approved and tested, so you know your little or big kid will love it. You can choose to gift a crate monthly or every three, six, or 12 months (and you can cancel anytime!).

KiwiCo Subscription $17.50/month+ Buy now Sign Up

Little Passports

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Courtesy of Little Passports.

Expand your little one’s world view with these cute boxes. The concept is that the Little Passport mascots, Sam and Sofia, go travel around the globe and send your child back a package each month, just for them. Inside, it contains fun games and educational activities. They’re all bundled in an adorable case that your child will want to hang onto. There’s a Little Passports box for each age group: Little Explorers (age 3-5), Science Junior (age 5-8), World Edition (6-10), USA Edition (7-12) and Science Expeditions (age 9 and up). You can also get standalone science and explorer kits, which are packed in cute backpacks.

Little Passports $15.95/month Buy now Sign Up

Monti Kids

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Courtesy of Monti Kids. Monti Kids.

The first three years of a child’s life are paramount for their learning and development. During this time, they learn motor and sensory skills, language, and social and emotional behaviors. As such, it’s vital that kids have access to learning tools that fuel their curiosity. Based on the Montessori Method of Education (a learning model that emphasizes scientific thought and hands-on activities), Monti Kids provides children 0-36 months with brain-boosting activities, from activity gyms to baking sets. The service is broken down into eight levels, all of which include toys, curriculum, and parent resources, such as online classes.

The service is on the pricier side; each level costs $297 and ships every three months. All boxes and curriculum are designed by Montessori experts and include high-quality, sustainably sourced materials.

Monti Kids $297 Buy now Sign Up


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Image: Bitsbox. Bitsbox.

Coding is an especially useful skill to have these days. But if you’re a bit tech-savvy-challenged like us, your computer skills may peak at Ctr+Alt+Delete — which is to say you’re of no help to a kid who wants to create her own apps. Thankfully, with Bitsbox, you don’t have to know the first thing about coding.

Each month, Bitsbox subscribers receive up to 12 different coding projects based on the app of their choosing. Kids then log online and copy the code provided to create and customize an app they can access on most devices through the Bitsbox website. Over time, kids will become more confident in their coding skills and can start writing their own.

Bitsbox offers Basic, Deluxe, and Digital packages starting at $16.95 per month.

BitsBox $16.95/month Buy now Sign Up

For the fashion-forward

Stitch Fix

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Courtesy of Stitch Fix. Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix has outfitted thousands of adults, and now the company offers a service geared towards children sizes 2T-14. Each box contains 8-12 items that vibe with your kid’s aesthetic hand-selected by a stylist. Because the prices range from about $10-$35, Stitch Fix gives parents the option to select their price points, as well, allowing you to set — and stay true to — a budget. Unlike the other boxes listed, Stitch Fix does charge a $20 styling fee; however, they credit that fee to your overall purchase. You also have the option to send back unwanted items free of charge. If you do choose to keep the entire box, the company will provide a 25% discount on your order.

Though we’ve listed this as a subscription service, it’s technically not. You have full control over how often you’d like deliveries throughout the year without having to pay a monthly fee.

Stitch Fix $20/styling fee Buy now Sign Up


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Courtesy of KidPik. KidPik.

Shopping can be a nightmare. The lines, the crowds, the never-ending racks of clothing. So, it’s no wonder many families love receiving clothing subscription boxes like KidPik. This company specializes in girls’ fashion, athough all genders can enjoy the stylings. KidPik ships every one, two, or three months. Every box contains three complete mix-and-match outfits, as well as a pair of shoes and an accessory, based upon your kids’ fashion profile. Each of the seven items costs approximately $13.50 (the entire box is about $95 after the discount is applied), and you have a week to decide which items you’d like to keep. If you choose to keep everything, the company offers a 30% discount on your total order. Returns are easy, and there’s no charge if you decide to send back an entire box.

KidPik $95/box Buy now Sign Up


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Courtesy of KIDBOX. KIDBOX.

KIDBOX is another clothing subscription service focused on making fashion painless and fun for families. The company works with a variety of popular brands (think Joe’s, Levi’s, Kensie, Roxy, Splendid, and New Balance) to curate a super stylish selection of products each season (with one New Year’s and one Back-to-School box). As with brands, KIDBOX offers a wide variety of sizes (0m-16) for kids of all genders. Each box ranges in price between $68 (for babies) and $98 (for little kids and tweens), and parents have the option to send back what they don’t want free of charge within a seven-day trial period.

If you like to be a bit more hands-on with the selection, KIDBOX also offers a Build Your Own option. These also range in price from $68 to $98, and you are charged the full amount at checkout. (You can, however, return and exchange items within 30 days).

Another thing that makes KIDBOX great is the company’s social promise. For every box you purchase in full, the company will donate to a charity of your choice with the goal of clothing 1 million children in need.

KidBox $68-$98/box Buy now Sign Up

A version of this story was originally published in October 2019.

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