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So it’s baby No. 2: What you need to know

How much can really change from the time you had your first child to your second? Whether they are months apart or years, the answer is a lot.

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Going out requires an hour of prep

You need to be aware that the time it took you to get baby ready for an outing will take twice as long for two… but only for a little while, until you get it down to a science. Make it easier on yourself by buying everything in one stop and stocking up. Visit a warehouse club, like BJ’s, and grab a giant box of Pampers as well as a healthy stock of groceries.

You don’t need all the stuff you got for baby No. 1

Sure, you can still let your friends honor your second baby with a “sprinkle,” but you will probably find that you don’t need nearly all the stuff that you thought you’d require for your first child. By now, you’ve figured out which type of stroller works for you, whether you prefer pushing a stroller or using a carrier and what you really need to pack in the diaper bag every time you leave the house. We used the changing table, high chair, etc. for my son, but with our second child, I would lay a blanket down to change her wherever I happened to be and just held her in my lap at mealtime. We just didn’t need all the stuff we thought we would use for baby No. 1.

It’s about to get expensive

You know a new baby means new stuff, and you’ve probably factored in double child care costs, but you may not realize that a lot of other expenses are about to skyrocket, as well. That $25 monthly fee for dance class may seem like a drop in the bucket, but two little ballerinas make that a more hefty expense. Entrance fees to attractions like zoos, fairs and the movie theater are about to go up, too. Add in double the new shoes and clothes with every changing season and growth spurt, and your wallet just got a lot thinner.

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You’ll become an expert multitasker

You got a great intro into multitasking with the arrival of baby No. 1, but you’re really about to hone those skills, mama. You know how to feed a baby while cleaning up the kitchen and talking to your mom on the phone, but can you do all that and fix your older child a snack? It won’t be long until you take those multitasking skills to expert and beyond.

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You can love another child just as much

Many parents of one secretly wonder how they might be able to love another child just as much as their first. The truth is that love for a second (third, fourth and so on, too) might be totally different, but there is no doubt that it will be equal to your love for your first child and, of course, unconditional.

You need to make time for each child

You’re going to spend most of your time trying desperately to watch two kids at once, but every and now and then it’s really important to give each kiddo some individualized attention — especially baby No. 1. Your older child is used to being the center of your attention, and now that he’s not, he may be hurt or confused. Have your spouse or a trusted family watch over the baby while you carve out some special time with the oldest, be it an elaborate day trip or something as simple as one-on-one storytime with the door closed to the rest of the world.

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