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15 Awesome gifts for first-time daddies

Men sometimes feel forgotten in the midst of baby showers and birthdays. Here are 15 fabulous gifts for the new father who does it all.

Father holding newborn |

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This Father’s Day, show some love to your hardworking man. Even if your newborn can’t yet give a meaningful present — besides a toothless grin, of course — you can tell your baby daddy that he’s appreciated and loved with one of these thoughtful gifts.

1. Voice Art

Voice art |

If your baby’s daddy is the artistic type but he’s weary of flower paintings, consider purchasing him a Voice Art canvas. Voice Art creates the designs by using recorded sound waves — like your baby’s heartbeat or laughter. (Voice Art, $75 and up)

2. Kelty Child Carrier

Kelty Child Carrier |

Forget the Moby Wrap, Mom. Dads need a hearty baby carrier that can stand up to long hikes and camping trips with their offspring. This Kelty Child Carrier is perfect for an active new father. (REI, $185)

3. Face Mugs

Face Mugs |

These whimsical face mugs capture the way your man feels before he drinks his morning cup of coffee. At least you can laugh about how tired you both feel, right? (Uncommon Goods, two for $35)

4. DJ Slims Headphones

DJ Slims Headphones |

There’s little doubt that gaming and TV-watching take a backseat once baby is born. Give back the television by giving your new dad these highly rated and cost-efficient Bluetooth headphones for all his extracurricular needs. (Amazon, $70)

5. Picanova Canvas Prints

Picanova Canvas Prints |

Need something super thoughtful at the last minute? Order a Picanova canvas print of your baby’s adorable face for your man to hang on his office wall. The museum-quality canvas print will arrive on your doorstep within a week of your order. (Picanova, $36 and up)

6. Pacifier Bottle Opener

Pacifier Bottle Opener |

New dads need a brewski every now and then. Give the man what he wants by wrapping up this cute and clever pacifier bottle opener for his beverage needs. (Perpetual Kid, $20)

7. Insanity Workout Program

Insanity Workout Program |

Your gym rat new daddy may not be able to make it to the gym like he used to for a daily workout. Bring the gym to him by purchasing a crazy-difficult home exercise program like the Insanity Workout Program. (Team Beachbody, $120).

8. SwipeTie

SwipeTie |

Surely you’ve seen a smartphone or tablet after your baby gnaws on it. Pretty gross, right? The SwipeTie is part fashion statement and part cleaning wipe so Daddy can remove baby gunk from his devices with ease. (SwipeSwipe, $40)

9. Texas Barbecue

Texas Barbecue |

The two of you probably haven’t been to a nice restaurant in a while, so bring a nice restaurant to him. If you want to speak your man’s language, check out this awesome and famous Texas barbecue for a special night in. (Salt Lick, $100)

10. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity |

New parents need a little reminder that they’re adults. Use Cards Against Humanity — a decidedly grown-up and inappropriate game — to host a fun game night with long-lost friends while your baby is sleeping upstairs. (Amazon, $25)

11. Breathometer

Breathometer |

The Breathometer combines two of your man’s favorite things — technology and alcohol — with your new-mom craving for safety. This nifty little device plugs into a smartphone and accurately reads whether your dude is roadworthy after a glass of wine. (Amazon, $50)

12. Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire HD |

Every new dad needs instant access to a variety of books, movies and apps at high speed. You simply can’t go wrong with the latest Kindle Fire if your guy is in the market for a new tablet. (Amazon, $139)

13. Upcycled Messenger Bag

Upcycled Messenger Bag |

Every practical father needs a bag for all that baby gear, but using a traditional pink diaper bag is nonsense. Why not go with a new messenger bag that he can use forever? This upcycled messenger bag is trendy, clever and well made for years of use, even past the baby phase. (Uncommon Goods, $98)

14. Personalized Key Chain

Personalized Key Chain |

Sentimental daddies love a reminder of the little peanut waiting for them at home. Check out this personalized key chain for a practical gift that also serves as a reminder of his sweet baby love. (Etsy, $20)

15. Princess Crown Frame

Princess crown frame |

Finally, if you want a little pizzazz in your house to celebrate a baby girl, gift your man with this heirloom-quality Beatriz Ball Baby Princess Crown Frame. It’s perfect for new daddies who are perfectly in love with their baby princess. (Beatriz Ball, $76)

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