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Messy activities that are a ridiculous amount of fun

Break out the paper towels (or better yet, the hose) because you’re about to get messy. It’ll be worth it — we promise. These activities are ridiculously fun.

Little girl with messy hands

Photo credit: Geri Lavrov / Photographer’s Choice RF / Getty Images

We moms tend to freak out (just a tad) when we see our kids headed for a major mess. Calm down and get over it because these activities are tons of fun. Once you see what a blast they’re having, you won’t care about the mess — at least until it’s time for cleanup.

Fill a pool with shaving cream

Little legers
Image credit: The Little Legers

Do you have an extra couple of cans of shaving cream on your hands? If not, run out to the store and buy a few cans of the cheap stuff because this super-fun and super-messy activity from The Little Legers can’t be missed.

Play with your food

The start of a little baker
Image credit: My Little Bakers in Training

How much time do you spend telling your kids not to play with their food? Imagine how much they would freak out if you made food just for them to play with? That’s exactly what the mama over at My Little Bakers in Training did, and as you can tell, her kids had a blast.

Paint on the windows

Likely Classroom
Image credit: Likely Classroom

Painting on paper is so yesterday. Instead, let them paint on the windows like the blogger over at Likely Classroom did. We know, it sounds like a horrifying mess, but she promises it cleans up with soap and water.

Play in the mud

Growing a Jeweled RoseImage credit: Growing A Jeweled Rose

Those rainy days are such a temptation for little ones. Just this once, say “yes” instead of “no.” The blogger at Growing A Jeweled Rose took it a little further, building a mud wonderland in her backyard. Head over to her blog to see what we’re talking about.

Build a volcano… in the bathtub

Growing a Jeweled Rose
Image credit: Growing A Jeweled Rose

We’ve all built those exploding volcanoes a time or two, so we know from experience they’re a giant mess. The blogger at Growing A Jeweled Rose doesn’t do anything halfway, though. She built a volcano, complete with painted scenery, in her bathtub. And then she let her daughter get in there, too. How fun is that? At least the cleanup for this one had to be a little easier, considering it was contained in the tub.

Play with shaving cream art

Thrifty nifty Mommy
Image credit: Thrifty Nifty Mommy

Shaving cream is good for a lot of messy projects, and Thrift Nifty Mommy used it for some arts and crafts. Looks like her daughter had a great time mixing up the shaving cream and paint, as well as transferring it over to a piece of paper.

Play with toys in Jell-O

The Craft Train
Image credit: The Craft Train

The mom over at The Craft Train really knows how to make a mess. She let her kids mix different colors of Jell-O, and then use the mess as a setting for their toy dinosaurs. As moms, we know it’s probably a big, sticky mess, but it also looks like a really fun activity.

Paint with squirt bottles

Mess for less
Image credit: Mess for Less

Painting with kids is messy enough, but add in squirt bottles and bad aim, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. It sure looks like the kids from Mess for Less are having a great time, though.

Jump in a puddle

Fit kids clubhouse
Image credit: Fit Kids Clubhouse

You don’t always need a big setup for your kids to have fun and get dirty. The next time you’re out on a rainy day and you see a big puddle, tell your kids to go for it. The blogger over at Fit Kids Clubhouse did, and it doesn’t look like she regrets it.

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